YouTuber Kevin’s Corner: Up crying all night after learning I ain’t Black!

May 22, 2020. Tags: , , . Joe Biden, Racism.


  1. Robert Burns replied:

    That was hilarious and serious all at the same time. Way to nail it Kevin.

  2. Vigil replied:

    At what point will the DNC wake up and send old Joe to the showers?
    Biden has run for president twice before, unsuccessfully may I add. And his short-lived campaigns fell apart for the very types of remarks that Mr. Biden uttered today. By his own words and actions Joseph R. Biden is unfit for higher office. And every day that Mr. Biden remains in this race is another day voters will have to question the veracity and quality of leadership of the Democrat Party.

  3. Mike Selnick replied:

    You got it exactly right, Kevin. More power to ya.

  4. Steve Dreher replied:


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