Maria Ana Carrola Flores, the UC San Diego student who got hit by a car at 1:30 a.m. during an anti-Trump protest, actually sued her college because it “failed to warn students of the danger of walking onto the freeway”

You may remember this video, which I have posted before. It shows an anti-Trump protest near UC San Diego that took place at 1:30 a.m. a few days after Trump was elected President. One of the protestors, a UC San Diego student named Maria Ana Carrola Flores, gets hit by a car:

Maria Ana Carrola Flores chose to stand in the middle of a busy highway at 1:30 a.m.

And after she got hit by a car, she actually sued the driver who hit her.

She also sued the city and county of San Diego, UC San Diego, and the UC Board of Regents.

The Washington Free Beacon explained the reason for her lawsuit with the following: (the bolding is mine)

Flores’s attorney, Jerold Sullivan, argued that while his client accepted her responsibility for the accident, others shared blame as well. Sullivan claimed that according to Flores, campus officials had encouraged the protest, did not control it, and failed to warn students of the danger of walking onto the freeway.

So she sued her college because it didn’t teach her that it was dangerous to stand in the middle of a busy highway at 1:30 a.m.

That’s insane.

Fortunately, a judge dismissed her lawsuit.

And besides, since she did insist on filing a lawsuit because someone didn’t teach her that standing in the middle of a busy highway at 1:30 a.m. was dangerous, then she should have filed the lawsuit against her parents, not her college.

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  1. Kathleen Atwater replied:

    There’s more to this story. There always is another version, based on facts, that will shed an entirely different light on stories written by right wingers. Here are the facts from Snopes:

    “Flores filed the lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court on 8 November 2017. Inexplicably, multiple right-wing web sites reported aggregated versions of the story two months later, in January 2018.

    Flores’s lawsuit doesn’t accuse UCSD of failing to stop her from protesting President Trump’s election; it alleges that the university sponsored the demonstration — then allowed it, along with other public entities, to spin out of control.”

    • Jay N replied:

      Never acknowledge your own personal responsibility.

  2. Native jo replied:

    Im glad you had this update. I remember when it happened and that she was suing the college. These are supposed to be adults who drink, have sex, and vote! But she didn’t know that going on a 4 lane highway at night and walking blindly on the road could be dangerous.

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