Attention banks! Do not give a mortgage to Simon Galperin!

A guy named Simon Galperin just wrote this article, which is titled, “I’m a 29-Year-Old With $235k in Student Debt. I’ll Never Pay It Back.”

Galperin’s statement that he will never pay back his student debt is not because of a medical issue that has rendered him unable to work.

Instead, his statement is proof that he is irresponsible, lazy, spoiled, and entitled.

He also says he believes that innocent taxpayers should be forced to pay off his student debt, so that he can then get a mortgage to buy a house.

If Galperin ever does apply for a mortgage to buy a house, I hope that any bank that considers giving him a mortgage will come across this article that he wrote, and realize that he is an absolutely horrible credit risk.

June 17, 2019. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . Economics.


  1. Wild Bill Kinda replied:

    Notice he says masters degree, but not in what.

  2. Kurt replied:

    I just looked at Simon Galperin’s LinkedIn profile. This clown borrowed $120k for a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Rutgers, which isn’t exactly an elite school. Then he spent another $70k on a master’s degree in “Social Journalism” from CUNY! He foolishly spent money he didn’t have on a joker degree and that was his choice – he can whine all he wants, but he made his own bed and should lay in it. His debt was entirely avoidable and nobody forced him to borrow so much money for that degree.

    Why should the rest of us who made smart decisions be made to suffer because of this idiot’s poor decisions? I attended a school which was less prestigious than what I could have attended because money was a concern and I went to a decent school which gave me a full scholarship.

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