Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she doesn’t recycle her plastic bags because her city’s recycling program is too “tough” for her to understand

On February 24, 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a live video on her Instagram account where she was talking about different political issues while peeling and cutting sweet potatoes.

A guy named Gob Abierto posted several different excerpts from that video in a string of tweets at this link, which has since been deleted. I watched a bunch of those excerpts before the tweet string was deleted. The internet archive has a copy of the same tweet string at this link, but it doesn’t include the videos.

One thing that I remember from watching the excerpts is that Ocasio-Cortez tosses her plastic grocery bags and her sweet potato peelings into the same garbage can, which means that she didn’t recycle the plastic bags, and she didn’t compost the sweet potato peelings.

She also complained that they give her 10 plastic bags every time she goes to the grocery store.

She also said of plastic bags:

“I wish they didn’t exist.”

But no one forced Ocasio-Cortez to accept those plastic bags at the grocery store.

Millions of other Americas use reusable grocery bags that are made of materials other than plastic.

I’d be curios to hear Ocasio-Cortez explain why – if she hates plastic bags so much that she “wishes they didn’t exist” – she brings home 10 additional plastic bags every time she goes to the grocery store, instead of using the reusable, non-plastic bags that millions of other Americans use.

Here is a different video where Ocasio-Cortez says a similar thing. She states: (skip to 0:20)

“I can be upset that I get 10 plastic bags at the grocery store, and then have to toss out my plastic bags because the recycling program in the area is tough.”

I think it’s incredibly hilarious and extremely hypocritical that someone who wants to hugely inconvenience everyone else by having the government embark on endeavors as gargantuan as banning fossil fuels, banning nuclear power, getting rid or airplanes, stopping cows from farting, and retrofitting every building in the country, is herself too lazy to do something as small and easy as buying reusable non-plastic bags, or to recycle the plastic bags that she does use.

For the record, I myself happen to believe that government mandated recycling of post-consumer garbage actually wastes more resources than it saves. My evidence for this belief is this New York Times article, which is called “Recycling Is Garbage.” It’s a great article, and I recommend that everyone read it.

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  1. hmichaelh replied:

    I’m almost certain this is a woman who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. I incredible stupidity is more a comment on the people who elected her than on her own serious limitation. How dumb were those people who voted for her?

  2. AWC replied:

    The people that vote for reps like her simply believe that something for nothing is a natural law. They either have a lower IQ (I’m serious), and are not capable of critical thinking skills that higher IQ individuals have, which compels questions/doubt and they simply believe what someone like AOC tells them is true.

    I’ve met many immigrants (and Americans) that believe that government officials only tell the truth.Full stop. If you believe that, as an axiom, then you will vote for people that promise you many things, at no cost to you. You will vote for people that promise Utopian solutions, without any plan on how to actually achieve those solutions. They said x. They would never lie about x. You want x. You vote for x. Simple.

    The other person doesn’t care either way. They could be intelligent, but are incentivized to support anyone who makes their life easier, either through regulations, subsidies, preferential treatment, benefits, etc…

    In CA we had two props in a recent election cycle. One to tax everyone a little bit to provide books for schools. The other one to tax the “wealthy” for books for schools. The first one lost, the second one won.

    This is human nature.Everyone wants something for nothing, and government/politicians are the only ones in a position to provide “something for nothing” by using force to take from one group and give it to another group.

    Hence, Government is just a big business, politicians are just self-employed contractors, with an unlimited supply of humans chock full of human nature (want something for nothing), and are the only workers who have the ability to use the threat of violent force to reap resources from one side of humanity and dole it out to the other side, in exchange for staying in business.

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