My newest book is called “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Stop Cows from Farting”

My newest book is called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Stop Cows from Farting.

That title is not a joke. Ocasio-Cortez really does want to stop cows from farting. She said so on her official Congressional website, as well as in a document which she gave to NPR.

This book is not a joke book. Instead, it presents a serious discussion of Ocasio-Cortez’s policy proposals.

In July 2018, DNC Chairman Tom Perez said that Ocasio-Cortez “represents the future of our party.”

This book shows you that future by quoting Ocasio-Cortez in her own words.

The book’s author also presents his own opinions about Ocasio-Cortez’s policy proposals.

Here are the chapter titles to give you an idea of what’s in the book:

Chapter 1: U.S. Population

Chapter 2: Unemployment rate

Chapter 3: Upper middle class

Chapter 4: Cow farts and airplanes

Chapter 5: Unwilling to work

Chapter 6: Private ownership and profits

Chapter 7: Billionaires

Chapter 8: Military budget

Chapter 9: False accusation of catcalling

Chapter 10: False accusation of mansplaining

Chapter 11: Funeral expenses

Chapter 12: Linda Sarsour

Chapter 13: Nuclear power

Chapter 14: Banning reporters

Chapter 15: Judiciary

Chapter 16: House Ehtics rules

Chapter 17: The end of the world

Chapter 18: Raising taxes on the rich

Chapter 19: Uber

Chapter 20: Republicans and typos

You can buy the paperback version at

You can buy the amazon kindle version at

Here’s the cover:

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  1. EDell replied:

    Forget about a book on her. The real money is on the nearly 8,500 lies Trump has told since taking office (and I thought it was only 4,000 or so – he’s wasting no time in ramping it up … it must be his dementia kicking in). 8,500 lies puts your book on Obama’s mere 1,375 “lies” over 8 years to utter shame and ridicule. Why are you wasting your time tracking losers when you’ve got a winner like Trump? That’s the thing about right wingerrs – they think backwards and upside down at the same time. Here, this should help you get you kickstarted in the right direction:

    Oops, looks like they beat you to it.

    • Joe replied:

      EDell is ESTUPID. You the fluffer for Bezos now? No money in fluffing Bill Clinton?

      Free Helo rides for communists.

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