Here’s my response to a Washington Post article called “Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right.”

I know that manmade global warming is real.

I know that as we burn fossil fuels, we increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this makes the atmosphere’s temperature increase.

I am not a denier of global warming.

But I am someone who rejects the ridiculous scaremongering that is going on regarding global warming.

The Washington Post recently published this article, which is called, “Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right.”

Here’s video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez making her statement:

I would now like to propose my own hypothesis: Even if we were to do absolutely nothing to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide in the next 12 years, our release of carbon dioxide will not cause the world to end in 12 years.

My hypothesis is based on the following four scientific observations:

1) According to this article from Live Science, back when the dinosaurs were alive, carbon dioxide levels in the air were five times as high as they are today. But the world did not end. On the contrary, life thrived, and the world had its biggest land animals of all time.

2) According to this article from the BBC, back when the dinosaurs were alive, global temperatures were so high that there were no polar ice caps. But the world did not end. On the contrary, life thrived, and the world had its biggest land animals of all time.

3) According to this article from the Ontario Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Rural Affairs, the owners of commercial greenhouses deliberately pump extra carbon dioxide into the air inside their greenhouses. But this has not caused the world to end. On the contrary, it makes the plants inside the greenhouses grow better.

4) According to this article from NASA, humans’ burning of fossil fuels has caused an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. But the world did not end. On the contrary, the title of the NASA article is “Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds.”

So there we have four different real world examples – all verified by scientists – that show that having higher levels of carbon dioxide causes an increase, not a decrease, in plant life.

Animals eat plants.

And other animals eat the animals that eat plants.

Carbon dioxide is plant food.

Carbon dioxide if the bottom of the food chain.

Therefore, to repeat my hypothesis: Even if we were to do absolutely nothing to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide in the next 12 years, our release of carbon dioxide will not cause the world to end in 12 years.

One of the great things that we learn from the scientific method is that if an event is based on science, then that event can be repeated. Given the four scientific observations that I have posted above, science tells us that having more carbon dioxide in the air makes things better for life, not worse.

Another great thing about the scientific method is that over time, we can find out if our hypothesis turns out to be true or false.

So all we have to do now is to wait 12 years, and we’ll find out who is right and who is wrong about the world ending in 12 years due to our emissions of carbon dioxide.

Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right.

January 24, 2019

Apparently all anyone has any strength or enthusiasm for is applying a literalism test on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)’s all-too-accurate warnings. She said recently that if we don’t start to address climate change aggressively right now, the world will end in 12 years. I know, let’s feign alarm that she has exaggerated instead of having genuine alarm about the genuine problem she is raising the red flags over.

Here’s another idea. Why don’t we apply the same exactitude of judgment on some other things that have been said about climate change? Here’s a sampler:

“Climate change is a hoax.” “The science is unclear.” “If there were warming, we’d see it.” “If we saw it, we’d do something.” “Maybe it’s cooling.” “It’s too soon to act.” “There’s nothing we can do.” “If this is climate change, I’ll take it!” “It’s arrogant to think humans could change the climate.” “It’s cold today, so climate science is wrong.” “Yes, there’s a problem but hardly a crisis.”

That last position is where the Washington consensus currently resides (President Sir Lies-a-Lot notwithstanding), and it is that position that is dangerously wrong, and what AOC is (correctly) fighting against. The last word on the subject from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change could not have been more dire.

We need to start NOW, to cut carbon emissions aggressively, or by 2030 we may have passed a tipping point beyond which the planet, and yes you people living on it, is in for a world of possibly permanent hurt. So let’s quibble that AOC said the world will end instead of the world as humans and current species have known it and depended on it will end, forever.

Meanwhile, your friendly corporations believe in climate change, all right. They are planning to bleed your last coins into their pockets selling you generators when the climate disasters wipe out your power grid.

Now tell me who is getting this crisis right and in your best interests.

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  1. EDell replied:

    Both you and Ocasio-Cortez, as well as the scientists who’ve calculated this “end of the world” scenario, are wrong. We’ve already reached the end of the world, we’re already in it, things are beyond reparation, all that lies ahead is increasing degradation of the planet. Scientists proposed that if the whole world got together and made a concerted effort to be eco-friendly, then we could save the planet in 12 years. Yeah, talk about dreaming in IMAX technicolor, especially with the way Trump is refusing to be part of the whole world by not wanting to have anything to do with protecting the environment – and the US is the biggest culprit of CO2 pollution.

    And then there’s that other pesky huge problem called the global human population, over 7.5 billion now and still needlessly growing to add more CO2 into the atmosphere and oceans millisecond by millisecond – that’s the real root of the problem. We’ve got too many people on the planet using too much stuff and junk that adds to CO2 emissions. Even the food people eat requires massive amounts of industrialized processes from machinery dissecting animal products to transportation that requires fuel to deliver the ultimately packaged products for consumption to stores for people to buy on a daily basis. If we didn’t have the industrialization and technology of today and still lived the way we did 150 years ago. CO2 wouldn’t be a problem even with 7.5 billion people or 10 billion. But with the start of the Industrial Age, when there were only a billion people that lived back then, and now, with 7 1/2 times as many people, the ever-expanding Tech Age of the last few decades added, we’ve already dug ourselves a grave that’ll be virtually impossible to not die in, unless truly drastic measures are enforced, like a total ban on procreating more people for a generation to allow the population to naturally reduce itself to a sane and manageable level in order to seriously turn things around. With accompanying less use of industrialization and technology that would follow, only then will you begin to see the CO2 levels decline. The cause and effect equation is simple: people = CO2. Any other explanation about what causes climate change or why is just babble talk that refuses to go for the jugular root of the problem. The game is over, the world has already ended – oops, we just added another 220,000 people to the planet yesterday, another 220,000 are following today and another 220,000 tomorrow, until 80 million more will have been added by the end of the year and 80 million more the year after that, etc. – crank up all the industrialization and technology higher still, boys, so as to service these additional humans. There’s your end of the world picture happening right there, now and live.

  2. gregdougall replied:

    It’s not gonna get better. Gotta read ‘DOTEATCOO’ to understand. Cant link it now, but I will try to come back later.

  3. Malcolm replied:

    Your response to the climate change crisis that AOC was referring to amounts to dim-witted ignorance. Your four ‘points’ are specious nonsense. Your understanding of what she calls the “end of the world” is clearly nonexistent. If the world doesn’t take extrordinary and immediate steps to drastically reduce carbon emissions, the world as we have known it, the world that has sustained and fed billions of humans, will indeed end. The ice on Greenland and Antarctica is already melting at accelerating rates and the great uce sheets are alr ady starting to destabilize, which will cause sea levels will rise dramatically, flooding all of the world’s coastal cities and infrastructure, and creating humdreds of millions of climate change refugees. Meanwhile the excess CO2 is causing increasing ocean acidification, which, in addition to the rapid warming of the oceans, is rapidly depleting the fish populations, which will cut off the protein source that a good part of the workd population depends on. The list of negative consequences of unchecked global warming goes on and on, as the world community of climate scientists has made very clear.

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