Hypocrite Ellen Pompeo wants OTHER white people (but not herself) to lose their jobs so there can be more diversity

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

November 20, 2018

I had no idea who Ellen Pompeo was when I first read this news article about her that just got published today, so I looked up her wikipedia article. This is how it starts:


Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo (born November 10, 1969) is an American actress, director, and producer. She is one of the highest paid television actors, having signed a $20 million annual contract with the American Broadcasting Company in late 2017. She was honored with the 2007 Special Achievement in Entertaining by the National Italian American Foundation for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Later on, the wikipedia article says:

Pompeo was then cast in ABC’s popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and garnered worldwide recognition for her portrayal of the title character Dr. Meredith Grey. The role on the long running series earned her a Golden Globe nomination and a Screen Actors Guild Award. The character became widely popular, making Pompeo one of the most renowned television actresses. In 2016, Pompeo was ranked fourth in the list of highest paid TV actresses by Forbes, with earnings of $14.5 million; she became the third highest paid female and the fifth highest paid actor overall in 2018 with earnings of $23.5 million. She was also the highest ranked actor from a drama series on the list.

OK. That’s fine. Although I myself have never watched Grey’s Anatomy, there are obviously a lot of other people who do, and I don’t have any problem with that. And I don’t have any problem with all of the money, awards, and prestige that Pompeo has received for her work on that show, as well as from her other endeavors in the entertainment industry.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the incredibly huge amount of hypocrisy in Pompeo’s statement that was reported in the article from earlier today.

Here’s a video of what she said. Skip to 0:24:


This is what she said:

“This day has been incredible, and there’s a ton of women in the room. But I don’t see enough color. And I didn’t see enough color when  I walked in the room today. And I had a meeting with the director of another endorsement project that I’m doing. I said, ‘You know, when I show up on set, I would like to see the crew look like the world that I walk around in every day.’ And I think it’s up to all productions to make sure that your crew looks like the world we see. As Caucasian people, it’s our job, it’s our task, it’s our responsibility, to make sure that we speak up in every single room we walk into, that this is not OK, and that we can all do better. It’s our job, because we’ve created the problem.”

Then Pompeo starts to cry, just to make sure that everyone knows how much she cares about this issue.

But she’s a fake and a phony.

If she truly cared about this issue, then she wouldn’t just be asking for other white people to give up their jobs so there can be more diversity.

Instead, if she truly cared about this issue, then she would give up her own job so there can be more diversity.

But Pompeo didn’t do that.

She’s not willing to give up her own job so there can be more diversity.

She just wants other white people to give up their jobs so there can be more diversity.

She is a hypocrite in the worst possible way.

Shame on Ellen Pompeo for not practicing what she preaches.

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  1. Honest Glenn replied:

    Some scumbags just need to be deported to where they’d be appreciated-like Kenya!! BYE!!!

    • mamahenspeaks replied:

      Or Venezuela where the population is now reduced to eating pets because of failed socialist policies (think: communism, diversity; multiculturalism; UN immigration policies)

  2. mamahenspeaks replied:

    Another interesting note about Ellen Pompeo’s message is found in the THIRD sentence of the above transcription of her spoken words. She said this just was one of many “ENDORSEMENT PROJECTS” she was doing. Endorsement Projects (EP for short) is code for ADVERTISING SO I CAN MAKE MORE MONEY. So she is advertising either for a personal product she is endorsing or is producing to sell to women (as the panel & audience were all women by her own words), OR for her “Grey’s Anatomy audience which is getting pretty old & stale now and REQUIRES MANY EPs to keep it a REVENUE-PRODUCING PRODUCT (Think: Commercials, $$$, Profits, i.e. Monetary Raises & More Fame & Recognition for Ellen That Can be Converted to Movies, Other TV Series for even more continuing $$$ For Ellen Pompeo).

    So if she REALLY wanted to keep from being hypocritical, she should REFUSE to do any EP’s for her product or TV Show. I don’t know WHO the panel is with her, but there are 2 white women and 2 women of color. But she also curiously remarked on the racial makeup of the FEMALE AUDIENCE. So since when are AUDIENCE members challenged on their race? Okay, let’s agree that Ellen is married to a black man and has 2-3 children of color with him. What about the other panelists. Are the 2 women of color panelists married to white men and have 2-3 children of color? Would Ellen be upset if they were married to men of color but adopted white children? Is the 1 woman of color panelist like Ellen Pompeo and married to a black man and have 2-3 children of color? Again, would Ellen be upset if she was married to a fellow-white man and had white children? How does Ellen know what the family breakdown of the families are that are in the audience? How is that any of her business? How about the audience members/customers who do or do NOT watch her TV show or buy her product(s) she is endorsing? Or the STAFF of the people producing her EP? Does she check on the people in THEIR WORLDS…. THEIR FAMILIES TOO? Is Ellen Pompeo’s FAMILY MAKEUP the IDEAL GOAL for EVERY FAMILY IN HER “WORLD?” What does she DO with the people who aren’t like the people in her “world”? Just verbally abuse them or does she ever get violent or have them fired or harrassed until they quit? What made Ellen Pompeo’s World our New UNELECTED Goal? Why not MY family or YOUR family? Did Ellen Pompeo always live in the world she lives in now? Did she grow up in a very wealthy mixed-color family world? or was it a very wealthy with mixed-colored hired help kind of world? WHY SHOULD COLOR MATTER AT ALL? This is America after all! And exactly WHO elected Ellen Pompeo The Arbiter of the Correct Ratio of Approved Racial Identities Allowed in any gathering of human beings in America? Or the World? Has she been to North Korea lately and talked to them about the Proper Racial Ratios allowed? Or to Venezuela? Or to Russia? Or to China? Or to Saudi Arabia? Or to Iran? Or to Malaysia? Or to Sudan? Or to South Africa?

    P.S. I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” during the first 2 years then got bored and turned it off. Ellen has aged a great deal since then. She’s also become more of a snob in real life than she appeared to be in the first 2 yrs of her show where she portrayed a rather young naiive polite person.

    Why do I have the feeling that Ellen Pompeo supports people and countries that endorse the UN Migration Laws that were immediately flatly refused by Trump in America (fortunately) as the UN rules make themselves the rulers of each country and get rid of national sovreignty, borders, etc and these new laws fully take effect January 1, 2019. Why do I think she is in favor of our borders being overrun? Why do I think she doesn’t care if our elections are stolen by illegal aliens because they should be considered as American as the citizens who fulfill the requirements outlined in the US Constitution? Why do I think Ellen Pompeo actually lives in a gated community with tall thick, possibly electrified, walls around her own property (with “safe rescue” hidden rooms on every floor of her mansion) & throughout her neighborhood world, and has armed guards in her commuity world but wants regular citizens to willingly give up their guns for their own self defence? Why do I think Ellen Pompeo has a hired armed guard when she has business to attend in “questionable neighborhoods” (i.e. either ALL white people or ALL people of color as opposed to her own perfect percentage of mixed races)? Why do I think that Ellen Pompeo is just trying to show off her life choices and enjoys being highly paid for so closely following the Group Think of Hollywood?

    Why do I think Ellen Pompeo wants everyone to emulate HER….. a very arrogant Aging WHITE woman who is acting like a teenage girl who desperately wants to be in the Popular Group?

    …… Except the Popular Group in Ellen’s age group & location is becoming more and more extinct each day by the #MeToo movement with very specific allegations about sexual misconduct with either very young naiive partners of the same sex or different sex who reluctantly agreed so they might become famous.

    …… Or are currently actively being investigated for illegally doing really evil things to children too young to voice consent and many were too young to even say or know what the words ‘popularity’ or ‘adrenochrome’ meant….. and if YOU don’t know the meaning of the word Adrenochrome, LOOK IT UP and find out HOW & WHY it is obtained and WHO obtains it. WHERE? Especially the HOW part. If you want to see its effects, search the words & phrases “Adrenochrome” “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” starring Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson. (Who though now dead, is still revered in Hollywood to this very day.) Then think hard about what lines have to be crossed to produce many of those movies & TV shows….and just where are those many children anyway? And just where did they come from? Especially the tiniest ones? And WHAT evidence do the officials have for those sealed & increasingly unsealed indictments? WHERE are they going? WHY?

    Please note, I am NOT suggesting Ellen has crossed those lines herself…. just that there are a lot of sealed & increasingly more NOW UNSEALED indictments against some of Ellen’s popular friends and co-workers in Hollywood……. you know….Ellen Pompeo’s “World”.


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