Attention Adriana Alvarez! It’s not McDonald’s fault that you chose to have a baby out of wedlock.

The woman in this video chose to have a baby out of wedlock.

She has also, apparently, made no attempt to acquire education or job skills beyond the high school level.

She says the $12.50 an hour she gets paid to work at McDonald’s is “poverty” level.

The narrator cites government statistics to show that she is actually above the poverty level.

The narrator asks “Where is the father?”

I had actually asked myself those exact same words before the narrator did.

This woman has been working at McDonald’s for eight years. Instead of acquiring better education and job skills, she thinks the way to earn more money is to protest.


October 8, 2018. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , . Economics, Social justice warriors.


  1. writer.jane replied:

    These twenty-somethings of today are the result of Liberal influence in public schools: participation awards, do-overs on tests, etc. They can’t accept responsibility for their own actions because they never learned it as children. They believe they should continue to get something for nothing. Thus they flounder around waiting for that award for being mediocre. The real world is a kick in the pants for them.

  2. Honest Glenn replied:

    Well McDonalds better be looking for a future lawsuit because Adriana is probably going to say Ronald knocked her up! The kid even looks like him! She’ll probably be the next President since she is more qualified then B.O. was!

  3. juandos (@juandtres) replied:

    Stupid slut syndrome…

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