If Eric Schneiderman really is guilty, then why did his victims go back to him “repeatedly,” “often,” and “frequently”?

Disclaimer: I am a person who believes that women have free will. Some of the following statements by me may seem controversial, but I am operating under the assumption that women have free will.

The recent New Yorker article on Eric Schneiderman’s alleged abuse of four women states:

“They allege that he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent.”

If these intelligent, strong willed, college educated women with high paying jobs and expensive apartments in Manhattan continued to go to bed with Schneiderman “repeatedly,” “often,” and “frequently,” after the first time that he allegedly hit them, I’m having trouble understanding how any of this was “never with their consent.”

None of these women have accused Schneiderman of kidnapping them.

I think each of these woman did the following cost-benefit analysis in her head:

“On the one hand, this guy is a physically abusive scumbag, and I should probably stop going to bed with him.”

“On the other hand, he is famous and wealthy, and he has a lot of influence and social status. So I should continue going to bed with him.”

So it seems to me that these women looked at their options, and they apparently decided that continuing to go to bed with him was a good idea.

It seems to me that if we are to view these women as victims, then we are essentially saying that they do not have free will. And that is not something that I am willing to accept.

You can get mad at me if you want. You can hate me if you want. But I still maintain my belief that women have free will.

If anyone disagrees with me on this, please explain why in the comment section.


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  1. bc replied:

    I totally agree with you, these bitches clearly had it coming, and furthermore, they liked it.

  2. jocon307 replied:

    Hi Dan,

    Saw this over at FR and below is the comment I posted there. I think you are way off base with this and not for nothing else, but let’s not help the Left at all, eh? They never help us. (The final example: The WAPO ran the Mad Barber Mitt Romney story on PAGE ONE. I am not the world’s biggest Mitt Romney fan, but he is surely a man of almost unnatural honesty and goodness if the worst thing he ever did in his long life as a rich, conservative, religious white guy was bully some hippie in High School.) Let Barbara Streisand, or whoever, defend Eric Schneiderman, not anyone on the Right.

    Original comment: Oh puhleaze, no man should make excuses for this pig of a bully of a creep. Don’t worry I’ll go over and say it at the blog too. There may be *some logic* to what our author is saying (and these dames are big libs too, for sure, maybe they wanted to stick with Schneiderman just ‘cause he was doing his part to keep abortion legal) but that is really not the point.

    And as a woman I have to say that sometimes I think men (even good guys) don’t realize how intimidating they can be. Physically and psychologically. Plus, just remember, it’s hard to think about calling the cops on the AG of NY. Or even Harvey Weinstein, I mean look what happens when you do, noted conservatives who should be cheering their enemy’s demise go all devil’s advocate on you.

  3. AWC replied:

    Based simply on what you have written in your post, assuming all that you said as to the details is accurate, then I would agree with you. Women do bad things too. Women make bad decisions too. Women weigh the pros and cons of a choice, and sometimes choose the option that seems counter to all that is supposed to be “sugar and spice and everything nice.” They are human, like everyone else.

    Don’t we always talk about how we, as in men and women, have to be careful with emotional reactions? That emotions often run counter to facts, or reality, or what is right? That emotion and objectivity are independent drivers, and can result in completely opposite outcomes? Is a woman really going to argue that women don’t make bad choices…ever? That no woman has ever manipulated a man, or a situation, in an unethical or immoral way so as to benefit herself? That somehow that is impossible for women to do? That obviously cannot be true. So women must accept that these women exist, and therefore if these women exist, then situations like this blog post can exist. We can argue the specific merits of each situation, but we cannot argue on its face, that such a situation like this one simply cannot occur.

    So if we know and understand this about emotions, and agree that both men and women have emotions, why is it so hard to believe that women can make bad decisions based on emotions, just like men can? In fact, one could argue that because women pay more attention to their emotions, are more emotionally based, they are even more likely to make choices based on emotions, both good….and bad.

    I wish I had known the truth about women, that they are truly equal to men, when I was younger. I wish someone had told me the truth. Then I would not have walked into so many relationships where women took advantage of me, manipulated me, used emotions against me, some that became easily angered and vindictive, many that were downright violent. I’ve gotten my unfair share of punches to the face, knees to the groin, and scratches for it, and not once did I retaliate or initiate the violence. A heated argument would suddenly turn to violence, and always from the girls side. When girls learned that boys were brainwashed to never physically retaliate, we became punching bags for their worst emotional outbursts. The moral hazard of society requiring (brainwashing) men to be “gentleman” at all times was an invitation to women for consequence-free brutality.

    And these were normally good, educated, attractive, upper middle class women from solid families. So once I realized after a few years that women are JUST like men, that all the good traits AND BAD TRAITS of BEING HUMAN exist in women also, I adapted, and I could see women for what they really were…I could see bad women…I could see good women…not just WOMEN as some homogenous blob of wonderful that can do no wrong, of an ocean of young saint-like mothers.

    I remember when I saw women in a strip club for the first time. I don’t go to strip clubs. I was there with two girls that asked me to go to keep the “creepy guys” off of them, who I guess would hang out on the guy side hoping to score horny women. They bought my drinks, I kept the vultures at bay. That was the deal. I watched the mostly naked men come down the catwalk. My jaw dropped. Literally. No exaggeration. Women, moms, sisters, daughters….they were fist banging the stage, stomping their feet, screaming, cat calling, it was a cacophony of pandemonium. “Grab them by the pussy” has nothing on what I heard these mothers and daughters saying to these men. That was a pivotal moment in my life. That was a large part of me being “woke” to what women were truly capable of. Not more than men, not less, but the same as men. I learned the truth. They treated me to the girl side of the club. Men, sitting quietly, nursing whiskey on the rocks, watching girls dance on the stages, fixated. Almost boring, really. What a shock to my social programming that whole experience became.

    I finally was free to treat women how they treated me. It was liberating. To join the feminist movement in at least this one regard to equality was a wonderful feeling. I hope society continues to claw women down from the pedestal we’ve been manipulated to put them up upon. Those days are over. If they want respect, and to be treated fairly, and to be loved, then they have to earn it. They have to give what they want to get just like good men do. And if they don’t, can’t, or won’t….kick ’em to the curb and move on.

  4. Wang Wei Lin replied:

    Co-dependent sickos. He and they.

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