Bryan Sharpe, a black conservative, explains why he guilted Starbucks into giving him free coffee

This guy is brilliant and hilarious!

In this video, a black guy tells a white Starbucks employee that the company is giving free coffee to black people as reparations. The employee says it’s true – and that she had read it on her Twitter the previous evening. After the black guy gets his free coffee, he gives it away to a stranger:

It turns out that the black guy is a conservative named Bryan Sharpe. He says he did what he did to make fun of liberals. He also says that liberals only give voice to blacks who are liberal. I guess that’s why he was interviewed by Fox News, and no other TV network.

Here are his exact words:

“I am sick and tired of liberals using black people and making us look like victims, making us look soft with their liberal dogma. It is disgusting. The other thing I hate about liberals is, if you are a black man as I am, in America, they will not hand you a microphone unless you follow the liberal narrative. And I said, you know what, I bet if I go into Starbucks and I follow a liberal narrative, I’ll make the news. And voilà, here I am.”

Skip to 0:48 in this video of his interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News to hear him say those words:


April 19, 2018. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , . Media bias, Racism.


  1. joe replied:

    This guy is awesome and a true American

  2. Jonathan Miller replied:

    Well, imagine that, play the role, get the food pellet.
    Liberal’s views of black people are as lab rats…

  3. Honest Glenn replied:

    You’ve got to like Bryan! I feel that regardless of who you are when asked to leave a place of business, you must obey that workers commands & exit the establishment. Once you’ve followed their commands & are outside you can question why?? The police don’t need to come unless you are an idiot & don’t know how to follow instructions. Now I know your mama raised you better then that so do as you are told. If you had done that the police would not have been arresting anyone. This isn’t a black or white issue until the Starbucks CEO sticks his face into it & apologizes for two idiots who can’t handle being told to leave. They should be prosecuted for malingering & the manager (of that store) should become the CEO because she has more gonads then the fruitcake in that position currently! Everytime someone cries we have to change our rules & traditions! Suck it up you LIBERALS!!

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