Washington Post opinion columnist Elizabeth Bruenig wants the U.S. to adopt the same policies that are currently causing Venezuelans to starve to death

Washington Post writer Elizabeth Bruenig recently wrote this opinion column.

She writes,

“I think the problem lies at the root of the thing, with capitalism itself.”

Capitalism merely means that property is privately owned. So she has a problem with private ownership of property.

She writes,

“Americans appear to be isolated, viciously competitive, suspicious of one another and spiritually shallow; and that we are anxiously looking for some kind of attachment to something real and profound in an age of decreasing trust and regard — seem to be emblematic of capitalism.”

I think these are things of human nature, and would exist regardless of the kind of economic system that we had.

She says that capitalism

“… encourages and requires fierce individualism, self-interested disregard for the other.”

I wonder how many repeat customers a business would have if the business owner had “disregard” for those customers.

She writes,

“As a business-savvy friend once remarked: Nobody gets rich off of bilateral transactions where everybody knows what they’re doing.”

When I buy a loaf of bread at the supermarket, it’s a win-win situation. There are no losers. And the owner of the supermarket is rich.

She said she supports

“decommodifying labor”

So she would let herself be operated on by a surgeon who gets paid no more than a janitor who dropped out of high school?

She said she supports

“reducing the vast inequality brought about by capitalism.”

In the capitalist U.S., where inequality is huge, poor people make $15,000 a year, while rich people make $15 million a year.

In Cuba, where there is equality, all government employees make $20 a month.

Bruenig wants the U.S. to adopt the same policies that are currently causing Venezuelans to starve to death. Everything that Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have done was done because they hate capitalism just as much as Bruenig does. There is no basic difference between her views and theirs.

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  1. EDell replied:

    Which is all kind of funny since she doesn’t make a single mention of Venezuela. You’re the one putting that into her mouth. It’s more like she’s referring to the more successful European models of socialism which incorporate capitalism in saner ways and which have consequently produced happier populations in those societies than in the US.


    And capitalism isn’t only about innocent private ownership of property. It’s also about mean-spirited and reckless profiteering for the few to the extent of personal obscene wealth at the expense of everything and everyone else. There’s a reason why Apple, for example, makes the pornographic amount of money that it does: it does so on the backs of slave child labor, among other human rights violations,


    while at the same time artificially raising the prices for their products to create a huge profit margin to benefit only the executive few in the company and the wealthiest stockholders while keeping most of their earnings in offshore tax shelter havens to avoid paying their fair share in taxes for the services and infrastructure the US government provides to them at ordinary taxpayers’ expense.

    So no, capitalism is not the perfect economic/political system for people, but it’s totally perfect for profiteering scum. But on a good day in America, a profiteering scum like Martin Shkreli does get his day in court and 7 years in prison. There should just be a lot more good days like that in America – for the people’s sake.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      The countries of western Europe are capitalist. Farms, supermarkets, businesses, and stores are privately owned, and are operated for making a profit. Everything that she said is against this.

      • EDell replied:

        You’ve never been to Europe, I see. Nor understand how the socialist-capitalist model there works. It’s not anything like the US. Not even Canada is like the US. Capitalism in the US has a virtual license to rape and pillage at will, largely legitimized by Congressional lawmakers who bend over backwards to their corporate backers to allow as much of that raping and pillaging as they can get away with, made even more possible now by capitalist scum Trump who has loosened the reins even more for capitalism to run amok at ordinary taxpayers’ expense, not to mention to also be able to more freely negatively assault the environment as well. Elsewhere, capitalism is much more restrained by the socialist nature of those societies and companies come under stricter laws to behave better and be more respectful to the populations they serve than their American counterparts. Is it a perfect system there? No. But no system is. But it’s a far more equitable system between corporations and taxpayers than in the US. It even treats its employees better than in the US, as you won’t find any of these benefits for the average American:


        If America is supposed to be so great, how come its workers always get the shaft by corporate greed when they should be doing just as well as, or even better than, European workers? Capitalism, that’s how come.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        She does not call for the mixture of capitalism and socialism that you praise. Instead, she specifically rejects any and all forms of capitalism, and calls out for pure socialism.

    • Warren Perzel replied:

      You are no more convincing than Bruenig. We are K Selection species. We compete for scarce resources and help each other survive with in-group loyalty. There are rules within the group and if you follow them you don’t get ostracized.

      When was there a time when the best workers didn’t do well. Oh yes, the Kulaks when Stalin introduced them to the joy of communism. With that societal benefit bestowed upon them they joined the ranks of the starving.

      • Thomas Hartman replied:

        you don’t even have the most basic understanding of what you’re talking about. let me guess, you’re one of the people who came here from freerepublic

  2. HMichael Hawkins replied:

    They have a name for people such as this. It’s called “Delusional.” They have learned nothing from the past or from others, so they spout this idealistic unreality but continue to do business and live in the USA with all the benefits of capitalism. Delusional people are extremely dangerous.

  3. EDell replied:

    Dan spews “…she specifically rejects any and all forms of capitalism, and calls out for pure socialism.”

    She says no such thing. You’re right wing delusional living in a universe of your own creation totally separate from actual reality itself. Seek help.

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