Pictures show empty shelves at Whole Foods stores across the country, thanks to their new policy

Whole Foods used to keep a large amount of extra stock in back rooms and freezers so it could restock its shelves as soon as merchandise was sold (which pretty much all supermarkets do). However, the chain has recently gotten rid of that policy, and replaced it with a new policy that transfers items directly from delivery trucks to store shelves. This is causing many store shelves to be empty.

This new policy was started prior to the chain’s recent purchase by amazon.

Whole Foods says it adopted this new policy in order to save money.

The fact that it is causing many customers to abandon the chain and switch to a different one does not, for whatever weird reason, seem to be of concern to the chain’s high level executives. Apparently, their only concern is saving money.

Here are some pictures from Whole Foods stores across the country:

A Whole Foods store in Houston.

A Whole Foods store in West Hartford, Connecticut.

A Whole Foods store in Boston.

A Whole Foods store in New York City.

A Whole Foods store in Boston.

A Chicago Whole Foods store.

A Whole Foods store in West Hartford, Connecticut.

A Whole Foods store in San Francisco.

January 19, 2018. Tags: , , , , . Food.


  1. Valery Vebelfeltzer replied:

    This is known as “just in time” … isn’t it wonderful?

  2. replied:

    Amazon is just getting too big. I am all for capitalism but not monopoly.

  3. sv replied:

    in totalitarian comunist Romania,30years ago,they started(the comunists) building in bucharest(the capital city,2 million people) a few “large””supermarkets”…they were dome shaped halls.some people understood that:
    1.”the supermarket” was in fact “hunger circus”
    2.all humans were supposed TO EAT THEIR’S MEAL THERE-no matter if they enjoyed or simply in “prisson soup line”,gulag or any other corp you eate like a comunist no one wood belive that you are not a comunist….
    NOW,2018,there are romania senators that speak openly about “food beenging wasted” and at the same time about 4 milion agying peasants cannot stock wheat/corn flour for few days a year when the dead of the winter commes…they “relly” as you do on road,all roads beeing opened thru snow at any time…the army wages “war on snow” now and then…the human body does not need “blood supplies” because it’s perfect…the human society DOES NEED RESERVES-because is so imperfect..”the bread is my body,the wine is my blood”

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