After Kat Von D held a beauty contest, she retroactively changed the rules because the original winner turned out to be a Trump supporter

A person named Kat Von D recently held a beauty contest.

The winner was a makeup artist from Wichita, Kansas named Gypsy Freeman.

As the winner, Freeman had been promised two airline tickets to Los Angeles to attend the launch party for a new Von D makeup line, as well as a $500 gift card to Sephora.

However,  Freeman’s victory was later revoked when Von D found out that Freeman had praised Donald Trump on her Instagram page.

Von D explained this by saying

“I just need you to know that I personally have a hard time with inviting anyone who would support such an anti-feminist, anti-homosexual/LGBT, anti-immigrant, and anti-climate change fascist such as Trump.”

I’m no legal expert.

However, on a personal level, I believe that is immoral to change the rules of a contest after the winner has already been declared.

If Von D did not want Trump supporters entering her contest, then she should have explicitly said so before the contest took place.

This reminds me of the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

After the election took place, Democrats tried to change the deadline for counting the votes, as well as the criteria for what constituted a vote.

If the Democrats had tried to change these criteria before the election had taken place, they would have had some very valid points.

But because they waited until after the election had already taken place to try to change these criteria, they simply made themselves look – quite accurately – like a bunch of crybaby losers who did not want to follow the rules that had already been in place at the time that the election took place.

And so it is with Von D’s beauty contest. If Von D had wanted to exclude Trump supporters, she should have made that exclusion clear before the contest began, and not waited until after a winner had been declared.

July 23, 2017. Tags: , , , , . Donald Trump, Politics.

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