The hypocrites at the ACLU called the police because they didn’t like an opinion that someone expressed

Woman Crashes ACLU Stop Trump Meeting and Urges Snowflakes to Think for Themselves – Cops Are Called

March 11, 2017

Activist Ginger McQueen crashed the local ACLU Stop Trump training session today and began to lecture the indoctrinated leftists.

Ginger urged the snowflakes to think for themselves.

So they called the police on her.

When the officer got there he shook her hand and laughed.

“I crashed the ACLU’s Stop Trump meeting. They called the police on me. The cop shook my hand and laughed.”

– Ginger McQueen

“Yes, the police actually showed up because the snowflakes can’t handle having their ideas challenged or their pictures taken in a public.”

– Ginger McQueen

“The ACLU sued for citizens to be able to film police, but citizens can’t film the ACLU.”

Ginger McQueen

March 13, 2017. Tags: , , , , , , . Donald Trump, Police state, Social justice warriors.

One Comment

  1. BGills replied:

    Let’s not forget the origins, and yes, inspiration of the ACLU, or any organization brandishing the banner, ‘Union.’
    It’s Socialism, and the corrupt which inevitably lay at the pinnacle of any such group always demand tribute for their benevolent protection.
    Make no mistake, if you are not a card carrying member of their ‘union of victims,’ they will do everything within their power to silence your voice.
    They can always be found hiding behind a very lopsided interpretation of ‘Fairness,’ their dogma of never ending victim-hood, and wild-eyed hypocrisy. Waiting in the weeds to ambush the unsuspecting with their enlightened view of what’s best for all, while demanding exemption from the very rules they so eagerly impose on others. Zero accountability is the only standard of conduct demanded of their members, and anyone who would dare question the wisdom of the collective is labeled the enemy of the masses.
    Look-up the history of George Sorros, and not surprisingly you will find he was an early activist within the ACLU. A group which races to defend the ‘activist,’ or more aptly described, anarchist, but turns a blind eye when any real injustice is perpetrated on their enemies. ‘Guardians of Social Justice?’ What a horrible lie!

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