YouTube has erased all of David Seaman’s videos

David Seaman is a journalist who was fired from Huffington Post in August 2016 after he truthfully wrote that Hillary Clinton had serious medical issues. By writing about Clinton’s ill health when he did, Seaman managed to beat each and every mainstream media outlet on this true story.

Very recently, YouTube took down Seaman’s videos. This is not the first time that YouTube has done that. His channel is at

Also, in the past, Seaman’s PalPal account was locked, rendering Seaman unable to access his own money.

Seaman has recently made a huge number of YouTube videos about “Pizzagate.” I don’t know if “Pizzagate” is real or not. But the fact that people with a lot of power are using their power to harass Seaman, instead of suing him for defamation, makes me think that there is probably truth to Seaman’s claims. If “Pizzagate” is real, the last thing its criminal participants would want is a legal court trial involving actual evidence.

Also, I just found out that earlier this year, one of Seaman’s friends was murdered.

Seaman recently made this video. Please note that this is not Seaman’s YouTube channel, which, as I said, has had all of its videos removed by YouTube:


February 26, 2017. Tags: , , , , , . Media bias, Politics, Violent crime.


  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    Now if it is gone by the time people get to read this I have downloaded it to my computer…maybe i will have NSA banging on my door after this but sort of the them confiscating my system it will be here and all people have to do is ask dan for my email because i will supply it to him when he asks.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      The wikileaks email that mentions Hillary requesting info on the Parkinson’s medication can be found at

      • Sam W replied:

        Hi i think this email is being misrepresented. PROVIGIL is not a Parkinson medication. Although it is used for some with Parkinson who have a sleep disorder (sleep to much). It is used for many other medical and non medical reasons.

        If you read the email in context you will see their main conversation was about military use of the drug.
        I believe to only mention the Parkinson reference is very disingenuous.

  2. Joe Pimpernel replied:

    There is NOTHING wrong with Cankles, you deplorables!

  3. veni replied:

    Im able to pull up his videos on his page by clicking “show more” odd.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks. Those are videos which he “liked” that are hosted on other people’s channels. A lot of them are indeed his videos. But they’re not on his channel.

      • veni replied:

        I see, thanks.

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