CNN says masked rioters at UC Berkeley were probably right wingers, while a website called “The Ralph Retort” claims one of them has been identified as a UC Berkeley employee. The police arrested zero rioters, which tells us whose side the police are on.

This video has CNN commentators saying that the masked rioters at the recent anti-Milo Yiannopoulos protest at UC Berkeley were probably right wingers:

Meanwhile, this article from a website called “The Ralph Retort” claims that one of the masked rioters has been identified as a UC Berkeley employee. I’m only posting the link, not the actual article, because I don’t consider this source to be credible enough to risk slandering what could in fact be an innocent person. Here’s the link:

Only time will tell if the claims from CNN are true or false.

Only time will tell if the claims from “The Ralph Retort” are true or false.

If the police had actually arrested any of the masked rioters for the assault, vandalism, and arson that they committed, then their names would be reported by the media, and we would know for certain who they were.

Unfortunately, the police arrested exactly zero of the masked rioters who committed assault, vandalism, and arson.

The police did arrest one person for something called “failure to disperse,” which is a “crime” that has no victim, did not hurt anyone, and did not cause any damage to property.

In other words, the police were acting de facto on the side of the masked rioters who committed assault, vandalism, and arson, instead of on the side of the law abiding citizens whom they were supposed to be protecting. This means that some high ranking government official gave the police the order not to arrest any of the criminals. In my opinion, this government official should be charged as an accessory to all of the crimes that happened during this incident.



February 4, 2017. Tags: , , , . Milo Yiannopoulos, Social justice warriors.


  1. lonny replied:


    Compare this response to what they did and are still doing to the Bundy’s in Oregon and Nevada.

    Who did NO violence.

    See any traps the cops set to kill the terrorists on Telegraph Av?

    Nope. They’re untouchables, the Communist street gangs, the political muscle for the Bay area gangster government.

  2. BGills replied:

    If only the police had arrested everyone of those violent ‘Protesters,’ we’d have some definitive evidence of their ideological leanings.
    Absent such evidence, CNN pushes their unique perspective of conspiracy theory, suggesting such violence could only come from the Right…
    Oddly enough, they deviate from their normal defense of such violence as understandable, or somehow justified, and expected from victims of injustice?

  3. HMichael Hawkins replied:

    This continuation of a non-functioning police force had its beginnings in the riots of Baltimore. The Mayor of Baltimore actually “Ordered” the police to not enforce the Law!

    I do hope President Trump will see these riots as a threat to the American People, to which he has taken an oath to protect and defend. I know the military cannot function with police powers in the USA (Posse Comitatus) but I would like to see the military intervene in protecting the lives and property of Americans to capture and hold these rioters until the Federal Marshalls and other Federal police Officers can arrest these anal orifices. After all, each member of the military takes an oath to “Protect and Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They should be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law and sentenced in accordance with the maximum guidelines available.

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