Fake news from the Huffington Post: “In 2 Terms, Barack Obama Had Fewer Scandals Than Donald Trump Has Had In The Last 2 Weeks”

This ridiculously titled article from the Huffington Post is called “In 2 Terms, Barack Obama Had Fewer Scandals Than Donald Trump Has Had In The Last 2 Weeks.”

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’d like to point out this blog entry that I wrote, which is called “Here are 1,342 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.”

I’ve seen a huge number of examples of Obama supporters being in denial about the horrible things that he has done, and this Huffington Post article is one of the best examples.

Many of the things on my list consist of Obama continuing the very same things that liberals hated Bush for doing. They hated Bush for doing those things, but they totally ignore the fact that Obama did the exact same things.

Giving a no-bid contract to Halliburton? It was scandal when Bush did it.  But liberals like to pretend that Obama never did the exact same thing.

Illegally engaging in military interventionism without approval from Congress? It was a scandal when Bush did it. But liberals like to pretend that Obama never did the exact same thing.

Creating a government faith based program? It was a scandal when Bush did it. But when Obama continued and even expanded the program, there was not a peep from liberals.

Unwarranted wiretapping? Horrible when Bush did it. But perfectly fine when Obama did it.

And on and on and on.



January 13, 2017. Tags: , , , , . Barack Obama, Media bias.


  1. Robert replied:

    The truth never entered into a dems mind!

  2. Latrese replied:

    Has Trump already ran guns into Mexico? Has Trump already allowed a pay for play operation in the State Department, Has Trump already sicced the IRS on his political opponents …

    • veni replied:

      No, but hes doing a damn good job exposing the Crooked Media and that has a lot to do with the bias in fake news articles such as the one Dan has pointed out here.

  3. poetopoet replied:

    Nancy, Nancy in reality what part of Obama’s eight year rein? The U.S. $32 Trillion Federal Budget, was actually Back-Door payments to finance and supply ISIS type terrorist by Obama and Clinton, for Muslim cover-ups or ops? They granted to nefarious nations and inanities to keep the U. S. public and Fake MSM protecting, guessing and off their backs. Because of their huge Benghazi supply of arms and death toll, they orchestrated, shipped and abandoned for Muslim terrorists to use, around the world, Nancy you helped.

    Fictionally, and directly linked to Obama’s and Clinton’s Multi Billion Dollar Foundations and their multi billion dollar payments of Aid to Kenya for private huge compounds or babble black ops skyscraper towers in Dubai, that are not Trump Towers or Trump Plaza Hotels.

    Obama and Clinton cannot be pardoned or be forgotten, even you, for your dirty-deeds done, not so dirt-cheap, if you add life and limb. They perfectly executed and used under the Rules of Engagement, by Saul D. Alinsky manifestos of how to bring-down and the Hope and Change of any nation by another Community Organizer, Nancy!

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