KKK holds parade to celebrate Trump’s victory


KKK holds parade in Roxboro

December 3, 2016

ROXBORO — The Ku Klux Klan held a parade in North Carolina Saturday, but moved it to the afternoon and one county over from where the group said it would gather to celebrate Donald Trump’s election as president.

State troopers blocked intersections as the KKK parade of about 30 vehicles drove through the city’s downtown and major thoroughfare, the Times-News in Burlington reported.

Men and women shouted “White power!” and “Hail victory!” from vehicles flying KKK flags, Confederate battle flags, Donald Trump flags and Christian flags during the afternoon parade, the newspaper reported.

Hundreds of protesters and observers had arrived in Pelham Saturday morning preparing to demonstrate against the KKK, the Times-News reported. The group, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group, had originally told the paper it would hold its “Victory Kavalkade Klan Parade” in the morning in the “vicinity of Pelham.”

Several groups across the state, including in Greensboro, Mebane and Charlotte, held rallies Saturday to counter the Klan event.

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  1. EDell replied:

    You just gotta love how paranoid white racists comfortably co-mingle with the KKK, the Confederacy, Christianity (the fundamental wacko variety, no doubt) and Donald Trump (a.k.a. right wing Republicans) and steer clear from the saner half of society. With company like that, who needs scum? Trump unlocked a Pandora’s box for the sicker element of the population to rear its ugly head in the same way Bush unlocked it when he needlessly got into the Iraq War. One can always depend on right wingers to do the right wing nutty thing.

  2. Trisha replied:

    First- in no way do I condone any activity sanctioned by the KKK or its supporters, but too bad guys- these Americans have the same rights as everyone else. And if a parade is what they want- then they have equal right to gather and do their thing.
    I believe the time has come to stand up and be heard, no matter how many loose canon liberals get butt hurt over it. There’s as many crackpots on the left as there is on the right so find yourself a worthy cause to donate your time to and keep busy doing something positive.
    Trump didn’t bring division and ugliness to the American people- he simply took the bandaid off the open wound called American society for everyone to see how truly ugly we are inside.

    • EDell replied:

      As many crackpots on the left as on the right? Did you happen to do a body count to know that for sure? But your last sentence is true. Trump may not have brought division and ugliness to the American people, but his reckless bellowing, often unchallenged seriously, has certainly legitimized division and extolled the virtues of being an ugly American for the once-disenfranchised deplorables among the population, so that now it’s the tyranny of the loose canon minority over the saner majority.

  3. veni replied:

    Is the moral of the story that anyone who supports Trump is by default a KKK member? I’m always the last to know these things. It must be because I do not watch CNN.

    • EDell replied:

      No, it doesn’t mean that Trump supporters are KKK members by default, it means that the KKK are more likely to support Trump and all else that’s insane due to their own social paranoia and self-ostracization from reality. But I understand how right wingers comprehend things backwards.

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