Before the election, Newsweek sent bookstores advance printed copies of its magazine declaring Hillary the winner, but no such advance printed copies declaring Trump the winner

With major sporting events, like the World Series or the Super Bowl, companies that manufacture t-shirts will manufacture separate shirts delcaring both teams as the winner before the event takes place. As soon as the winner is declared, they immediately start selling the shirts with the winner, and put the shirts with the loser into the trash.

Before yesterday’s election, Newsweek printed up advance paper copies declaring the winner and sent them to bookstores. But they only printed and sent to bookstores advance paper copies declaring Hillary the winner. They did not print and send to bookstores any advance paper copies declaring Trump the winner.

Here is a photograph of an advance paper copy declaring Hillary the winner, which was photographed by a bookstore employee before the election. I got this photograph from this source:


Newsweek tried to defend itself by showing this other image, which it claims proves that it had advance covers for both Trump and Hillary. However, these covers are just computer images, not printed paper copies. I got these computer images from this source:


Newsweek even admitted that it only printed and sent to bookstores advance paper copies declaring Hillary as the winner, and not Trump, before the election.

November 9, 2016. Tags: , , , , , . Media bias, Politics.


  1. HMichaelH replied:

    I hope the entire Liberal media is in total panic mode. They absolutely miscalculated the will of the majority of American Voters. The next three months, as Trump prepares to take the Oath of Office, are really going to be amazing, aren’t they?

    Those who promised to leave the USA if Trump wins should keep their promise. Get the hell out of my Country. The Media better begin a serious review of their policies and attitudes towards the American People. I hope several of the Liberal Supreme Court Justices join Scalia, but that would mean they would have to change their ways to get into heaven, wouldn’t it? Trump hopefully, will pack the Supreme Court with as many Constitutional Conservatives as he can find who are young and healthy. Just maybe the Nation can be saved from the horrible damage the Liberal Democrats have done to us.

    Oh! and Yes……the new Attorney General should immediately begin indicting ALL of those who have been traitors to our Nation over the past eight years. ALL OF THEM, including Ohbongo! Trump needs to invite all of the FBI Agents and others who have been investigating clinton to meet with him so Trump can fully understand what these people really believe. Comey should NOT be included in the meeting.

    • Ben Harrison replied:

      I don’t think so, they made so many Hillary Victory predictions to discourage anyone who would want to vote for either Republican or Third Party to even bother trying. Only problem is, it didn’t work. Some people just had it in their conscience to vote, and they didn’t care if their candidate had a chance of winning.

  2. Bill Truitt replied:


    • Steven Kingham replied:

      Billy’s like one of those Japanese soldiers on deserted Pacific islands fighting WWII in 1948.

      “HA HA HA HA”? You lost, stupid.

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