Whoa! Listen to this four minutes of Michael Moore talking about Donald Trump!



October 26, 2016. Tags: , , , , . Politics.


  1. EDell replied:

    You do realize it’s an act, don’t you? He doesn’t support Trump. He’s been using reverse psychology to get the left motivated enough to get out and vote against Trump if they don’t want to live in the kind of future Trumpland and all the deplorables that come with it that Moore presents. He does successfully paint a scary picture under the illusion of being convinced that Trump will win, so his tactic of getting enough anti-Trump voters motivated just may very well work.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I don’t think he said it to motivate people to vote for Hillary. I also don’t think he was endorsing Trump either. I think he was just explaining why so many people support Trump.

      • EDell replied:

        His explanation is reverse psychology that speaks in a language you don’t hear because you’re thinking like a right winger and can’t see beyond what he’s really saying to those on the left and independents who do hear the very same words but in decidedly coded verbiage. Obviously, you haven’t been following him the last year. His appearances on Bill Maher’s show alone expressed exactly what I said.

  2. poetopoet replied:

    No, I will not see or hear More, if want to see or hear a pig I will go to the zoo or a farm, even a slaughter house and imagine it is More is there.

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