Why trophy hunting can be good for animals

A trophy hunter pays $350,000 to legally kill a specific male rhinoceros which is old and has stopped breeding, and which has been harassing the younger males and preventing them from breeding. The money is used to pay to care for the living rhinos. Under this kind of policy, one population of rhinos increased from 100 to 18,000.

I myself am a vegetarian, but I have to admit that the logic in this video is quite sound. This is a good lesson in economics and the benefits of property rights.

I do understand why some people might have emotional objections to this, but even they can’t argue against the real world results of this kind of policy.

If the opponents of trophy hunting wanted to bring an end to it, all they would have to do would be to outbid the trophy hunters. As of yet, I don’t see any examples of them having done so.



October 14, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , . Animals, Economics.


  1. Lester Cellucci replied:

    Hi there, I’m a massive fan of your website. I really enjoy your website! I am a full on angler & hunter so this posts are really appealing to me and my friends. Fish & hunt on! Thx.

  2. sfv replied:

    “one’s casting shaddow over the earth for nothing”-romanian saying.may be with vitamins and hormones or simply a natural life style the rhino could bread for centuries on end-who knows? paying $350,000 to let himself be killed(the fast or the slow way) seems that only a rhino can be tricked into…

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