Commission on Presidential Debates admits that Donald Trump’s microphone was not working properly

Yesterday, I made this post about how debate “moderator” Lester Holt was biased against Donald Trump.

Now we have some more interesting news along the same issue of bias. The Commission on Presidential Debates had just made the following admission:

“Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall.”

This is completely in line with the following comment that Trump had made right after the debate:

“And they also had, gave me a defective mic. Did you notice that? My mic was defective within the room… No, but I wonder, was that on purpose? Was that on purpose? But I had a mic that wasn’t worked properly, with, working properly within the room.”



September 30, 2016. Tags: , , , , . Media bias, Politics.

One Comment

  1. HMichaelH replied:

    There is a possibility Trump just had a bad mic, but the Conspiracy Theorist in me says “The Powers That Be” are doing everything they can to defeat Trump. He’s not just fighting the evil and dishonest HilLIARy and the Democrat Party, he’s fighting the infrastructure of the whole election establishment. That would include the GOP, wouldn’t it? As an Athiest here’s something I don’t do, but I PRAY Trump wins this election.

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