Here’s a five minute interview with a refugee who fled an Islamic hellhole so she could come to the U.S.

This whole thing is great, but the best part – I think – is when she asks why “western feminists” want their own countries to import the same kinds of scumbags that she came here to get away from:


September 29, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , . Immigration, Politics, Religion.

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  1. EDell replied:

    Talk about a phony. First off, there are no Arab women named Sarah. Second off, looking as she does with that name, she appears more Jewish looking than Arab. Third off, she wouldn’t even pronounce her family “Arabic” name because it was “very Arabic.” Fourth off, her accent has no Arabic lilt to it. Fifth off, she’s with the Trump campaign looking the way she does with nose piercing and the abusive way Trump treats women, after she “escaped” abuse herself? And after only 3 years in the US she’s in college? How? Where did she get the money from? What job as a 20something immigrant could she have gotten in that time that would pay her enough to live on her own (no mention of having any family members in the US) and cover the cost of education? Get real. She’s a lie, especially when she couldn’t even pronounce her own Arabic family name because it was “very Arabic.” I love the way right wingers so easily and unthinkingly buy into such fantasies that align with their own nonsensical view of the world.

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