Liberals’ faces melted after reading this blonde, white journo’s tweet about Charlotte shootings

Liberals’ faces melted after reading this blonde, white journo’s tweet about Charlotte shootings

September 22, 2016

Katie Hopkins has received both backlash and support for a tweet she posted Thursday morning about the current social unrest in Charlotte, NC.

The tweet said:

“Black man shot by another black man during a protest of shooting of a black man by a black cop. My white privilege means I don’t understand”

September 23, 2016. Tags: , , , , . Black lives matter.


  1. EDell replied:

    Typical right wing racist malarkey that blindly fails to see the big picture of what’s going on.. It’s not only about black vs white, it’s also infused with police abuse of power, especially in their dealings with blacks, and yes, even black cops abuse their power against other blacks, just as white cops can against white people, it’s the cops’ culture of permissible abuse and t becomes more explosive when racial profiling enters the picture, something that’s been happening to blacks since they came to America a few hundred years ago. But this dumb blond thinks that black cops should be exempt from that police culture of permissible abuse. Right wingers will never smarten up.

  2. poetopoet replied:

    Will, Barack Hussein Obama’s fame and flame name will replace Benedict Arnold’s name in history? Yes, it will, evidently, after all, he claims to be born an English subject under his father name. Whether born in Kenya or some unknown hospital in Hawaii, for his own B.C. was proven to be a photo-shopped fraud. Today, only if it is not “Blacked Out” with White-Out, pressed by willing fellow homo traitors like G. Stephanopoulos, in the MSM, Obama will get his fourth and filthy name of Barry Hussein Obama recorded as a Traitor in the history of America.

    Now, why did Clinton/Obama supply foreign terrorist and terrorist nations with billions worth of new abandoned arms and heavy equipment? They conveniently left for Muslims terrorist to take-up and invade, kill and take over other nations be that Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iran or Iraq! Who then attack America’s friends with impunity, while Clinton/Obama paid Billions upon Billions for ransoms in illegal cash and gold as gifts to America’s sworn enemies in Muslim nations, such as Iran.

    America? “Not Americans” got what non-Americans G. Soros and his allies paid for and allowed; who changed and added our votes for Obama! Yes, for the Muslim called Barack Hussein Obama! Who started his terms in office traveling the world apologizing for what he perceived, what America did wrong. Not the UK, who divided and carved up the remains of their lost empire, so badly that nation after nation deplore each other, in their endless wars, into eternity, intentionally, for their future Kings and Queens to gloat over.

    Blacks, foreign or domestic will never have the right to divide up and rename any U.S. State if that is Obama’s and their black or Muslim plan.
    Now that Obama is leaving office he traveled the world telling everyone what is wrong and bad with America in his Muslim/UK mindset. Obama’s reprehensible dogma as a failed fraudulent U.S. president, coward, for his traitorous acts are the unmistakable deeds of a failed despot/prick, disguised in his temporary empire, he failed to destroy, Obama wants Hillary to finish off America.

    Yet, these United States stand tall and vigilant to the Clinton’s/Obama’s/Soros type of crimes and transgressions, for America’s life is the only life true Americans believe that “America’s Life Matters”, no one else, even the Clinton Crime Syndicate or the Black Intimidation Quorums try and try, they will fail!

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