Woman tells man that he’s not allowed to wear Donald Trump hat. Then another man steals the hat right off his head.

This was filmed at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada:



September 15, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Political correctness, Social justice warriors.


  1. John Sheridan replied:

    Typical intolerant left actions.

    • ARLENE replied:

      So true John Sheridan… they are all the same…plus she had no idea what she was talking about…

  2. ARLENE replied:

    That female is one stupid idiot. The young man was trying to explain to her what it was that she had WRONG and she still doesn’t know the difference between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant”… Someone please knock some sense to this jerk who doesn’t shut up long enough to listen… What a mouth on her… DONALD TRUMP IS THE ONLY HOPE AMERICA HAS TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM… LET HER STAY IN CANADA AND SUFFER WITH THE ILLEGALS.. AND KEEP HER NOSE OUT OF OUR BUSINESS…

  3. BGills replied:

    Over the years, Bill Clinton has repeatedly used the very same slogan, or phrase, “Make America Great Again!” and to the enthusiastic cheers of ‘Progressive’ Democrats all across America.

    Clearly it’s not what’s being said, but who’s saying it, that offends the intolerant Left.
    They clearly reject any free speech which might conflict with their political ideologies… They see the truth as the biggest threat to the litany of lies they spread, and anyone who would dare to speak other than their truth by omission propaganda, is a ‘fair’ target of their intolerance.

    If you were to put two guys in front of them, one wearing a “Make America Great Again!” hat, and the other wearing a “Black Lives Matter” hat, they’d object to only one, and demand it be removed, while praising the wearer of the other. Regardless the repeated video recordings of death to cops chants, and the tragic loss of life associated with the other.

    Obviously the truth is their kryptonite, and the closer they get to it, the more agitated, violent, and intolerant, they become.

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