Chelsea Clinton’s NY Apartment is “Listed Address” For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.”

Chelsea Clinton’s NY Apartment is “Listed Address” For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.”

September 13, 2016

In a bombshell revelation, Chelsea’s NY apartment is the LISTED ADDRESS for a senior health care facility called “Metro Home Services.”

Is this a crazy coincidence, or is something more sinister at work?

This information was first uncovered on Reddit and later distributed by Info Wars reporter Paul Joseph Watson.

This would explain why Hillary’s team did not want to take her to the hospital and instead went to Chelsea’s apartment, which on the surface seemed very odd.

NY Post reported today that Campaign officials did not want to take Hillary to the hospital for fear her “real medical issues” would get out.





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One Comment

  1. poetopoet replied:

    “Chelsea Clinton’s NY Apartment is “Listed Address” For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.” Some say that was a Body Double, Body Snatcher, who exited it and what difference does it make at this time? Good grief, off to that apartment building first they took Hillary, where “Rosemary’s Baby” was filmed and raised in. No, now tell me, it was not Hillary’s birth place! As she exists her lair, with no Secret Service no private guards, she strolls down the street unprotected? No Secret Service, no private body guards where is the real body of Hillary Clinton?

    Why didn’t Hillary go to a hospital, they passed them all by, why? I suppose she had to return there, Metrocare Home Service, like some evil creature, to their lair and refresh herself with a new victims blood. Because within an hour Rosemary/Hillary exists and reappears all refreshed, it’s just very creepy.

    Who will write Hillary’s Death Certificate? Given the symptoms of Over the Hillary, that she may have pneumonia also, but her real sickness is Viral Bacterial Meningitis, and actually a more dangerous illness. Symptoms of bacterial meningitis, often accompany Viral Hepatitis and symptomatic of Clinton’s condition of her contacting HIV and her seizures, pneumonia by its self does not cause Clinton type of seizures but Viral Hepatitis does.

    If not treated it will kill her, and I do hope, who ever is treating her has that in writing that she is not following a doctors order, and if not they must leave her or lose their license to practice medicine, as did Micheal Jackson’s doctor, sight unseen, in the Hall Shame.

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