The United States Postal Service refuses to deliver my “Priority Mail” to the address that is on the package

On Sunday, July 24, 2016, I ordered some merchandise online, from a very reputable vendor. According to the USPS tracking website, the package was shipped on Monday as “Priority Mail,” with an “estimated delivery” of Wednesday, July 27.

It did not arrive on Wednesday.  The online tracking did say it was in my city, so surely, I thought, it would be delivered on Thursday.

But no. I was wrong. It did not arrive on Thursday, either. Also, even though it was Thursday, the online tracking still had an “estimated delivery” of Wednesday. I was not aware that the Post Office had its own Flux Capacitor.

Friday, the package had still not arrived. The online tracking said the package was available at a specific branch of the Post Office for me to pick up. So I went to that specific branch, but they said they did not have my package. So again, the online tracking info was wrong.

The customer phone number for USPS, which I called, is useless. After going though a ridiculously long set of menu questions, then talking to one person who could not help, and then going through another set of menu questions, I was told that I would have to wait between 20 and 30 minutes to talk to another person, and that this person would only have access to the same information that I already had from the online tracking. So their customer service phone number is completely useless. So I hung up.

It is now Saturday, July 30, and I still do not have my package.

My package has my name and address on it. The package also has proof that I paid the postage.

So why does the United States Postal Service refuse to deliver my package to the address that is on the package?


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  1. EDell replied:

    You shouldn’t be ordering porn, drugs, illegal weapons or terrorist-related literature by mail – even if you believe it’s from a “reputable” source. They’re probably onto you based on all the right wing propaganda and misinformation you keep posting. I expect them to be referring your order to the FBI who’ll now be adding it to your fattening file with them.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Ha ha ha! Very funny!

      • Tabitha Bliss replied:

        Looks like you’re living rent free in someone’s head.
        He hates what you post but is first to read & comment on it. 😜 LOL

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      You, like the rest of the one celled brainless, ASSume the worst in everyone.
      When it comes to the USPS I have very little if any faith in them. I have received packages that look like they have been in a basketball tournament bit blue letters that says GLASS FRAGILE OLES HANDLE WITH CARE. do you know what HUMMEL looks like after they have played basketball with the package?
      10 years ago I sent a Christmas card to the family ACROSS THE STREET, to date they have not received it, when it comes to paying bills…..all I can say is THANK GOD FOR AL GORE AND HIS INTERNET. Christmas cards I either hand deliver them or if they are out of the driving area……all I can say is THANK GOD FOR JACQUINE LAWSONAND HER ANIMATED CHRISTMAS CARDS.
      Every month when I receive my National Geographic magazine a subscription I have had for well over 50 years that I inherited from my grandparents, I am proud to say that with this coming September the particular account will be, according to NG, 100 years old and this year I don’t have to pay for my renewal. When I get it I swear sometimes it looks like a game between the Detroit Lions and the Clkeveland Browns has been played… September I will start receiving it on line.
      The only crap I get in the mail is JUNK MAIL……if companies want to be stupid enough to send their junk mail out that is their fault.

      EDell when you post shit like this, EVEN IN JEST:
      “You shouldn’t be ordering porn, drugs, illegal weapons or terrorist-related literature by mail – even if you believe it’s from a “reputable” source. They’re probably onto you based on all the right wing propaganda and misinformation you keep posting. I expect them to be referring your order to the FBI who’ll now be adding it to your fattening file with them.”
      CAN GET PEOPLE IN TROUBLE IT IT IS NOT TRUE…..but than morons such as yourself never think like that, now do you?

  2. veni replied:

    In reference to the first comment above: Liberals like to think they can scare people by saying the FBI will be knocking on your door etc… However, since James Comey recently found Hillary Clinton to be guilty of serious crimes but still chose not to indict her, I would say you need not worry about it. If they did open up an investigation on you, consider it an honor.

    FBI aside,
    It sounds like your package has been stolen. Most likely by an affirmative action employee. Obama doesn’t do background checks on them because that would be “racist”
    In any case, you will need to file a claim. Priority Mail is automatically insured by the tax payer. 😉
    I would tell the recipient of your package about the situation and Im sure they will appreciate the effort and diligence you have put in thus far.

    I hope this helps


    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      The last time the Post Office “lost” one of may packages, I did file a claim with them, but nothing ever came of it.

      • veni replied:

        Priority Mail automatically has at the minimum $50.00 but up to $(100) insurance.
        This started a few years ago.
        Go to your local Post Office with the tracking and fill out the claim form there in person. I was able to do it this way recently. They will give you a money order.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        I already requested a refund from the seller.

        A money order? What century is this again? It’s not like I ordered some 8-track tapes from one of those TV commercials.

  3. RightStuff1944 replied:

    Even though the USPS is supposed to be a private operation, it really isn’t. Tell the company you ordered the item from, and let them trace it. Meantime, find and read “Our Enemy the State”, but Albert Jay Nock. Final chapter is a fulsome summary of the whole book, and it should explain why the USPS sucks.

  4. HMichaelH replied:

    Call the Postal Inspector General’s office. Explain the problem and see if they can help you. But of course it’s not the weekend, so you can’t do anything about it until Monday.

  5. veni replied:

    The New U.S. Post Office motto:

    “When You Ship With Us, Your Business Becomes Our Business”

    Just think about how wrong on every level this motto actually is.

  6. jerseygirltoday replied:

    If it were me~ I’d call the vendor directly and file a complaint! Hope you weren’t expecting a delivery of medication, that could be fatal! Good luck & keep me posted. ~JGT

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