Snopes falsely says it’s a “total falsehood” that Black Lives Matter protestors in Memphis, Tennessee, caused a child to delay getting emergency medical care

According to this report from WREG, this report from WMC,  this report from WIS, and this report from NBC, on July 11, 2016, in Memphis, Tennessee, Black Lives Matter protestors blocked an ambulance that was trying to get to a child, after the same Black Lives Matter protestors had blocked the same child’s parents’ car from taking him to the hospital.

However, despite all of this evidence from multiple reliable sources, snopes claims that the incident is a “total falsehood.”

How did snopes manage to do this? By adding on false information to the original story, such as the false claim that the child needed a “heart transplant,” as well as the false claim that the child had “expired.” Those claims were, indeed, false. But no reliable source ever made those claims in the first place.

For snopes to label the entire incident as a “total falsehood” is to say that the entire incident never happened. And that claim by snopes is the real falsehood.

July 19, 2016. Tags: , , . Black lives matter, Idiots blocking traffic, Media bias.


  1. rightstuff1944 replied:

    Snopes is a lefty group funded by Soros and his ilk. Sad. It would be nice if there was a group totally dedicated to telling the TRUTH.

  2. zj meyer replied:

    Thanks for exposing the TRUTH about Snopes. I have long suspected it of being unreliable.

  3. david giordano replied:

    Do you know who/what is?

    Once you know who they are, becomes pretty much of a joke.

  4. HMichaelH replied:

    Don’t believe anything has to say about anything. They are a Liberal biased fact-checking site, and always present evidence in favor of Liberal Causes.

  5. Mark replied:

    The FACT that the child was awaiting a transplant was in the original story. It was not added. This, like all the rest of your nonsense, obviates your entire misinformed claim.

  6. John Slate replied:

    Some body is brain dead. You could see it on the tape. Same old same old LIE,LIE and deni

  7. Digital Jedi replied:

    Actually, Snopes says that a child needing a transplant and died was a total falsehood. And all reports say that the patients got through. So, yeah, that is a total falsehood.

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