Video shows Black Lives Matter protestors deliberately blocking ambulance with emergency sirens blaring outside Trump rally in Chicago

Notice in the video how, even though the ambulance’s emergency sirens are blaring, the Black Lives Matter protestors deliberately move themselves so they can be directly in front of the ambulance to prevent it from taking a patient to the hospital.

It would be quite ironic if the patient turned out to be black, and he or she ended up dying as a result of these Black Lives Matter protestors.

Here are previous blog entries that I have made about Black Lives Matter protestors blocking ambulances:

Berkeley man dies after pro-Michael Brown protesters delay paramedics

Despite having killed someone less than a month ago, “Black Lives Matter” protestors continue to block ambulances

Why does Black Lives Matter repeatedly prevent sick people from getting to the hospital?


July 19, 2016. Tags: , . Black lives matter, Idiots blocking traffic, Racism.

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