Why are California Democrats against letting union members see how their mandatory union dues are being spent?

In California, the government uses taxpayers’ money to pay a crossing guard to work in an area where pedestrians never actually cross the street, because there is an underground tunnel for them to cross. This job is a concession to unions.

One union member wanted to see how her mandatory union dues were being spent. There was a vote, strictly across party lines, against opening up the union’s books for people to see.

What is in those book that the Democrats are so afraid of letting people see?


May 5, 2016. Tags: , , , , , . Government waste, Politics, Unions.

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  1. Bill G. replied:

    Let’s face facts,
    Unions at one point served a very real purpose, but since then government has assumed the role they once played with multiple standards, and protections agencies, OSHA, EPA, etc… Yet unions continue to operate what amounts to a pyramid scheme, where ungodly amounts of money are funneled up from the lowly newcomers to those on top of the pyramid. Where ‘dues’ are often spent without the knowledge, or consent, of those who broke their backs to pay them.
    Unions were furious when John Stossel did a story on this very subject, because they didn’t want their members knowing where their hard fought for dues had been spent…

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