Starbucks is opening its first cafe in Ferguson

Starbucks is opening its first cafe in Ferguson, Missouri. It is contracting with local and minority firms. It is teaming up with a local non-profit.

Starbucks certainly has the best of intentions.

What the actual results will be will up to the people who live in the community.

Will they treat this Starbucks the same way that people in most neighborhoods treat their local Starbucks?

Or, will they smash the windows, loot it, and burn it down?

Only time will tell.


April 30, 2016. Tags: , , , , , . Black lives matter.

One Comment

  1. HMichaelH replied:

    My bet is, Starbucks will be the first business to be burned when the next Fergeson riot erupts.

    Starbucks must have done some research to determine if they had a prosperous market in Fergeson. I’d love to see the honest conclusion based on market data. I bet there is no positive financial reason to open a Starbucks in Fergeson, but they are doing it solely for reasons of political correctness.

    Does anyone want to bet how long it will take before they admit this business adventure is a failure?

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