Poll: If you had two daughters, and could only give money to one of them…

In this video, the speaker says the government should stop giving money to women for having babies out of wedlock. She says the government should force the biological father to pay for raising the child, instead of the taxpayers.

She also says that if she had two daughters, and one had a baby out of wedlock and needed money to take care of the baby, and the other one got good grades in high school and needed money to pay for college tuition, she would give money to the one who wanted to go to college, and not to the one who had the baby out of wedlock. Her rationale for this is that we should reward good behavior, not bad behavior.,

I agree with her. I believe that we should reward good behavior, not bad behavior. I would give the money to the daughter who wanted to go to college.

Which daughter would you give the money to?

(Video contains lots of profanity.)




March 23, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . Economics, Education, Politics, Polls.


  1. John Beckman replied:

    The assumption is that having a child is “bad ” conduct! It is not. If Europe’s women engaged in more baby production and less College it would be a much better place.

  2. MN-Skeptic replied:

    Obviously you give the money to the daughter who’s going to college. She absolutely made the right choice when she had those abortions. :-O

  3. Constitution Believer replied:

    Well aside of the filthy language, which is normal for most of them I mhave to agree with her Yes the BLEEEEEEEP needs to BLEEEEEEEP take responsibility for what he BLEEEEEEP did and keep and BLEEEEEEEP job so that he can BLEEEEEEP make sure that little BLEEEEEEEP do things the right BLEEEEEEP thing.

    Yes Dan you have permission to wash my mouth out with soap……….

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