Bernie Sanders says Uber’s employees are treated unfairly, so why does his campaign use Uber for 100% of its taxi rides?

Bernie Sanders has criticized Uber for not having the same government regulations, worker protections, and employee benefits as regular taxi companies.

However, public campaign records show that Sanders’ campaign has actually used Uber for 100% of its taxi rides.

I would love to hear Sanders explain his hypocrisy.

February 25, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , . Bernie Sanders, Politics.


  1. poetopoet replied:

    Over-the-Hillary made him say that.

  2. Constitution Believer replied:

    Because they are Social/Liberals. Do as I say not as I do.
    Take Obie for instance, he does one thing and turns around and does something entirely different.

    • poetopoet replied:

      Well, after-all it is his Golf Score Card that matters, as long as Obama endorses it. Just you watch.

  3. ML NJ (@ML_NJ) replied:

    Sanders is an idiot. I’ve used Uber here in NJ and down in Florida. I’ve asked every driver I’ve had (probably ten by now) how Uber was working out for them and every one of them has been enthusiastically happy.

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