MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry criticized the New York Times because it actually had the nerve to publish a photograph of a person that it wrote an article about

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry criticized the New York Times because it actually had the nerve to publish a photograph of a person that it wrote an article about.

Can you imagine such an atrocity? A newspaper actually published a photograph to accompany one of its articles!

Has the New York Times no shame?

Newsbusters reports:

Harris-Perry: By Showing Malik in Hijab, NYT Suggesting ‘This Is What Terrorism Looks Like’

December 5, 2015

They would have used a photo of her in an NRA cap, but none was available . . . Man, it’s getting hard to navigate the nuanced shoals of political correctness. Now, even the ineffably sensitive New York Times has run afoul of the rules, as propounded by Melissa Harris-Perry. On her MSNBC show today, Harris-Perry griped that the Gray Lady had run a photo of Islamic terrorist killer Tafsheen Malik wearing a hijab. As per H-P, the Times was sending a message that “this is what terrorism looks like.”

Damn those anti-Muslim bigots of the New York Times! But seriously, what was the poor paper supposed to do? Should the Times have photoshopped the hijab off Malik? Harris-Perry might have complained that the paper was suggesting there was something offensive about the garment. Sometimes you just can’t win with the PC crowd.

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  1. EDell replied:

    You know, before you publish more mindless hysterical garbage, at least make a half-hearted attempt to learn what clueless people don’t want you to know.

    “According to social media adherents, the photo of Tashfeen is being passed around encouragingly, because Tashfeen normally wore a veil, reports ABC News.

    The photo of Malik will be the first time some of Tashfeen’s own extended family members may have seen her face, since she usually donned a full burqa.“

    “…Malik was very soft-spoken and conservative — so much that Farook’s brothers never saw her face, due to the full burqa she always wore in public.”

    ”The buzz about Malik and her photo is just how rare it was to obtain. Whereas photos of Syed were eventually tracked down via a dating website profile, photos of Tashfeen were harder to come by.”

    So, apparently, it seems that Malik probably didn’t have many photos of herself, and likely none out of traditional garb, and the one that has been published could’ve been the only one found, which, by the looks of it, appears to be a passport photo. One thing’s for sure, you’d never make an objective journalist. And neither is Melissa Harris-Perry one.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I never said I was a journalist. I post my opinions on my blog. I do cite links to real journalists to back up my claims.

      • EDell replied:

        I didn’t say you were a journalist, just never become one. And uninformed opinions based on uninformed journalists only makes you come across as deliberately uninformed.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Please tell me what it is that I’m uninformed about.

  2. zona jane replied:

    No one wins with the PC crowd.

  3. EDell replied:

    Dan begs: Please tell me what it is that I’m uninformed about.

    You post an uninformed article about an uninformed supposed journalist mouthing off an uninformed rant, and you don’t know what you’re uninformed about? If you were informed, you wouldn’t be asking me what you’re uninformed about. Besides, I posted a cite and link to an explanation about the pic used in the NY Times and no, there isn’t anything devious about the paper depicting a scarfed Muslim woman responsible for the San Bernardino attack nor about its supposed “calculated” placement in the paper to subliminally brainwash readers into Muslimaphobia that Melissa Harris-Perry hysterically hallucinates – it’s just plain and simple the only available photo of the woman who herself was barely facially visible to her own relatives, having rarely been seen without a head scarf or, more often, a burqa, so any pics of her without any covering would probably be non-existent.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      But she did say what she said. So I was not uninformed.

      And I was being sarcastic when I criticized the New York Times.

      • EDell replied:

        But what she said was *uninformed*. And by passing on uninformed opinions, you’re contributing to misinformation, particularly uninformed misinformation, and particularly when you yourself were uninformed and more than readily willing to disseminate uninformed misinformation. That’s how right wingers operate, by being uninformed in how they disseminate their information, which is actually misinformation. What about that don’t you get? And right wingers have never been good with sarcasm, so no, there was no sarcasm on your part. But nice try anyway.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        I am not “passing on uninformed opinions.” Instead, I am criticizing them.

        It’s obvious that I was being sarcastic when I wrote “Can you imagine such an atrocity? A newspaper actually published a photograph to accompany one of its articles!”

  4. HMichaelH replied:

    How did you find out what was said on MSNBC? No one watches those programs. NBC and all its affiliates are a joke when it comes to news reporting. Brian Williams is their “Poster Boy” for made-up news, and this moron, Harris-Perry, has a relationship with honest reporting like oil goes with water. They simply do not mix!

    I would encourage you to stop watching NBC, MSNBC, or CNBC if you are actually doing that, unless, of course, you really like “Fantasy TV Shows.”

  5. Sigmund F. replied:

    No doubt the hypersensitive, hypercritical, EDell with his/her unwarranted superiority complex would be a complete charm to meet IRW.

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