Hillary Clinton allegedly threatened to shut down a comedy club for showing this three minute video

Here’s the video, which contains profanity:


National Review reports:


Hillary’s Campaign Ordered a Comedy Club Not to Make Fun of Her — Someone Should Tell Her This Isn’t China

The campaign actually threatened to shut the club down.

November 19, 2015

Hollywood’s Laugh Factory posted a three-minute video of comedians telling jokes about Hillary Clinton on its website…

… her campaign called the club demanding that it take the video down and give them the personal contact information of every single comic who appeared in it…

Club owner Jamie Masada reports that the campaign actually threatened to put the club out of business if he did not heed their demands…

The same information has also been reported by the Blaze and Judicial Watch.

However, I haven’t been able to find any mainstream media sources that have reported this information.

So, one of the two following things must be true: either the information is false, or, the mainstream media has failed to do its job.

If it is true, then this, by itself, is enough to convince me that Clinton does not support the Bill of Rights, and, therefore, should not be President. It also makes me wonder why the mainstream media has chosen to avoid reporting it.

If it’s not true, then the Laugh Factory owes Clinton a big apology.


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  1. veni replied:

    If the Blaze and Judicial Watch have reported this, chances are it is true. However, if main stream media reported it chances are it is either not all true or flat out false. Something like this is definately something she would do regardless.

  2. poetopoet replied:

    Hillary Clinton is now an inconvenient liar and Old Fuzz-Ball, as a half arse union girl, no longer a stand-up comedian of anything, but a Pant Suit Joke! Hillary has also stated that the GOP is: “out of touch and out of date,” and would bring the country “back to, you know, where we were decades ago.” O really Hillary, Bill would love that!

    That means democrats like her are “out of touch” aka mentally ill, I suppose? While decades ago the country was trying to impeach her Billy Boy for fornicating with a 17 year old White House blow-bye Cigar Page-Girl called Monaca Lewinski. The years of “if” Bill did or “did not have sex”; with that woman or other women, mean nothing? Bill flew Lewinski to sit in on NATO meetings to brag and show-off to world leaders and generals of his personal infidelity get aways!

    Hillary claims she knew nothing about it and all the other female rapes and sexual exploits of Bill, as her own bisexuality cover-up? Yet she protected Billy Boy in and out of the White House, and defended him as she slept by his side sometimes decades ago, as today!

    Yes, Hillary is qualified to defend Billy Boy and that is all, at 71 she still will be an Old Dirt Bag and no Lady in Wait, let alone a presidential material girl in 2016! Hillary said she was “Dead Broke” with her now $3,000,000,000.00 Billion Dollar Trust Foundation after 5-6 year filed tax revisions, given and acquired by foreign despots as double talk speeches or gifts, but for what and by whom?

    She lies over and over, not just about E-mails, claiming “what difference does it make” how or why white American lives do not matter! That only moronic liberal democratic stillborns believe in her to be “Dead Broke” and honest. Now it is their right to abort, but certainly not her Chelsea girl by whose sperm, from whose womb, came to be? Ever see a family picture of Hillary pregnant, like Stanly Ann Dunham, Obama’s mom pregnant? Is that to much of an F..k You question, you freaks and idiots that vote for them?

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