Erika and Nicholas Christakis are too good for Yale – I recommend they work at Montessori instead

I read the email that Erika Christakis sent to Yale students, defending their right to wear Halloween costumes, and, more importantly, their right to think for themselves.

I also watched the video where her husband, Nicholas Christakis, behaved with grace and dignity as a Yale student conducted a profanity laden temper tantrum directed at him.

The Christakises are too good for Yale. I recommend that they become Montessori teachers. They deserve to work at a real school that values intellectual freedom and independent thinking, and which would never tolerate the kind of disrespect from a student toward an adult that was displayed in that video. Well, perhaps a two-year-year old might be forgiven for acting that way, but a twelve-year-old who behaved that way toward an adult at a Montessori school would certainly be expelled.

Yale was probably a great school fifty years ago, but the fact that it now encourages and tolerates the kind of behavior in that video is proof that those days are long gone.

The Christakises would take a huge pay cut by switching to Montessori, but they would be treated with respect, which would more than make up for that.


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  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    Yale, like many other colleges, have been taken over by a bunch of kids that think they know more than the adult does.
    I viewed the video and were that to have happened back in “the day” that little girly-girl would have been walking away holding her teeth in her hand if ANYTHING for disrespect.
    Not ONCE did that man raise his voice to her, not ONCE did he use any profanity, he just stood there like this little she-devil wanted and just wailed away on him. THAN just walked away without even so much as an explanation to the email, which BTW I also read and agree with. But then I seen WHY all the hoopla. Now if this part of the email is offensive then please stop reading and move on to another post because now I am going to offend just as she offended.
    THE GIRL IS BLACK. I have NOT seen a modern day black that didn’t have a big mouth that could be heard 10 blocks away…..EVERYTHING with them has to be LOUD. Their mouths, their music, even their clothes.
    The DEMAND that we R-E-S-P-E-C-T them YET the will NEVER respect us.
    Daye mammy and pappy neva teached dem da meanin o da woid RESPECT.
    Respect is a TWO way street and the sooner people realize that the sooner we can start being civilized humans again.
    Back when I was a kid that was demanded of us. Back when I was a kid in the town I was raised in there was NO COLOR NO BLACK OR WHITE…we were kids and got along with each other.
    Today………………………………………………NOT A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL.
    I have been called a honkey, a soda cracker, a cracker, white trash, told to stand in front of a smoke store and hold a bunch of cigars because of my native American heritage. Been spit on, been beat up, and the first thing that happens when I swing back and connect…..I STARTED IT BECAUSE THE PERSON IS BLACK.
    The only thing that I can say is THAT LITTLE ***** needs to have someone, without witnesses, beat the holy shit right out of her.
    But then she would holler RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, and the next thing you know the dreadful duo is there, Jesse and Al, with the NAACP and the shit hits the fan.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I don’t censor comments.

      But I do express my disagreement with them.

      The behavior of the student in the video is a reflection of her as an individual. It has nothing to do with her race. All races have good people and bad people.

      She most absolutely does NOT deserve “to have someone, without witnesses, beat the holy shit right out of her.” Such an action would be morally wrong, and illegal, and would only give the race baiters on the radical left the exact thing that they want.

      Instead, what that student deserves is exactly what she got: for her behavior to be seen by huge numbers of people in a video that quickly went viral.

      • Constitution Believer replied:

        Dan, I do make my apologies as I was raise to respect everyone and when someone does not respect you or others then they need to be told.
        As with many of this generation of kids they are NOT taught to respect.
        They are not taught how to accept losing, they are not taught to talk to people in decent ways. Their manners are appalling and atrocious, they don’t even respect themselves. Just look at them the way the dress, the way they talk, the boys walk with their pants down around the middle of their fannies and when you make a comment about it what is their response “DON’T LIKE IT DON’T LOOK” kind of hard to do when you are walking behind them, what are we supposed to do walk around with a white cane I ask them. That is where they get belligerent.
        There is a song out that I cannot stand literally telling the listener that they do things because they can….poor excuse.
        Yes, you are right about the race baiters and THAT little girl is just that a race baiter.
        But bring that up to her face and show her what she did…I am willing to bet she justifies it with something like he didn’t need to get in my face, or she will go off on you telling you that you didn’t have her permission to take the video. They always have an excuse for something to justify what they did wrong….look at Obama what he does and how he turns things around to justify what he says.
        But any way I am sorry I offended anyone.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        That’s OK. I was not offended. I accept your apology.

        My point is that we should judge people based on their actions, not on things that are beyond their control.

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