Bernie Sanders supports $15 minimum wage, but only pays his interns $12 an hour

Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

But he only pays his interns $12 an hour.

I am curious to hear his explanation for this.


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  1. HMichaelH replied:

    It’s redundant to use the words “politician” and “hypocrite” in the same sentence, so I won’t do it! (Oh….Wait a minute! I think I just did.)

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Shame on you Michael……GO STAND IN THE CORNER TILL YOU LEARN HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. (oh am I in trouble)

  2. drketedc replied:

    That’s why he wants a law. Why should he have to pay more if no one else is? Too many leftists won’t do the what they say is the right thing unless forced. Morals and ethics don’t count for anything. This is why so many assume everyone else is doing wrong. They know that’s how they operate so they think everyone is . Unless he just says this crap because he knows his base likes it and he really does understand employment markets. Or, perhaps he simply believes that working for someone of his greatness is worth a few bucks an hour.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Sorry but Liberal do not know the meaning of the words MORALS AND ETHICS in fact you do not use the two words in the same sentence around a Dumbo rat

  3. Constitution Believer replied:

    First off I would kill to be making $12 per hour…provided I would be getting 40 hours or more. Most of the working people that I know are holding two or more jobs down to make up for that 40 hours not obtained by just one job. And the benefits, such as Obamacare is all but non-existant.
    My daughter holed two jobs. One jobe gives her $8.75 an hour but only give her 6 hours a day 6 DAYS A WEEK. The other giver her $9.00 per hour and again NO BENEFITS.
    She tells me the one job pays the rent, lights, gas, and phone. Her other job pays her Obamacare, buys the food, and puts gas in the car. Because she is a safe driver I have put her on my insurance.
    Yea it is high but I only pay it twice a year so it just about evens out.
    He Obamacare is running her $480.76 a month versus my BCBS payment of $286.88. and that is just for her…..the grand kids are on my policy.
    At first we thought the kids were on her policy based on what the agent said but when Tony fell out of the tree and broke his arm we found out otherwise ao I took money out of the savings to pay the hospital bill and put the kids on our policy.
    Obama IMO has done nothing but destroy the lifestyles of the people since 2009 and sadly will continue to do it long after Oblunder is gone.

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