Did Ivy League newspaper apologize to Malia Obama for lying, or for telling the truth?

The Brown Daily Herald, the newspaper of Ivy League college Brown University, recently apologized to Malia Obama for reports that she had been drinking alcohol while visiting their campus. The newspaper wrote:

Editorial: Sorry, Malia Obama

Both articles feature several tweets from Brown students excited about Malia’s visit. Some of the tweets include photographs of her that were clearly taken when she was not looking. Many of them mention her presence at a party, where she was seen taking shots and playing beer pong.

The newspaper apologized.

But it did not issue a correction.

Did the newspaper apologize for lying, or for telling the truth?


October 23, 2015. Tags: , , , , , . Media bias.


  1. HMichaelH replied:

    Who cares? I dislike Ohbongo more than any person on earth, but what his teenage daughter does on a college visit is of absolutely NO interest to me. She could be copulating with a goat on a bar while drinking shots after voting for a Republican, and it would be impossible for me to have less interest in the story about it.

    • drketedc replied:

      I agree with your disinterest but I think the point is the presstitute media double standard when it comes to reporting about the President’s kids.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      WOW!!!!!! I would be inclined to argue with you over the Oblunder comment. I believe my card number in that issue in number 00001. BUT, I do agree with you about Malia what she does is her business. You know come to think of it now one made that much ado over Chelsea Clinton when she was the first daughter….I guess I am trying to say is, WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THE HUBBUB OVER SOME KID AT A FRAT PARTY?

  2. Constitution Believer replied:

    Personally I think the paper was right in printing the article.
    By the picture alone just shows the parenting skills of Barack and Michelle Obama.
    Were that my child she would have been punished in some manner.
    What Malia should have done when she got there and seen they were drinking was TO LEAVE AND REPORT IT TO THE CAMPUS POLICE.
    But no….Malia chose to stay therefore, we the public knowing what kids in college do, soooooooooo, we can only assume that she lifted a few like her daddy does.

    • HMichaelH replied:

      My reply is really to Constitution Believer. The kid was surrounded by Secret Service Agents and probably local police. If what she was doing was a violation of any law, it seems all those law enforcement people should have taken some action. I am always entertained by people who are protected by the Secret Service, who violate some law that is ignored by the Secret Service. How many Presidents have behaved badly in the presence of the Secret Service? We all have become familiar with the bad behavior of the Secret Service Agents, themselves in recent times. But when I knew several Secret Service Agents back in the 1970s/1980s all those I knew behaved as if they were in a fraternity in college. All were married and had numerous “girlfriends” in cities and towns worldwide. Apparently the culture of the Secret Service has only gotten worse.

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