Here’s a complete concert from 2014 by a band called the “Bootleg Beatles”

This is all so amazingly accurate: the singing, the instrument playing, the body language, the clothes, the wigs, the facial prosthetics, the banter between songs, etc. They even make several costume changes, as they play the songs in chronological order.

The intro is just a bunch of stock footage. Skip to 1:16 for the beginning of the concert:



October 20, 2015. Tags: , , , , . Music.


  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    O…M….G….I cannot thank you enough for this, or who ever posted it.
    Lets put it this way my Beetles fan number id 0000000001.
    In 2003 I needed some room in my house, we live in a trailer, so I called the rock-n-roll hall of fame and asked if they could use a collection of never before seen Beetles memorabilia. The lady that I talked with set up an appointment and we drove to Cleveland with about $30,000 worth of Beetles stuff. Records that were never opened, tickets from every concert the Beetles ever had, and yes in those days I had the money to travel all over for “trivial” things, I even had a backstage pass signed by all of them. When we returned about two years later there they all were on display with the rest of the Beetles display.
    So this video even though it is current in date means a lot to me.

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