Obama forces successful supermarket chains to sell supermarkets to a failing company that shuts them down

The Obama administration recently forced successful supermarket chains Albertsons and Safeway to sell some of their supermarkets to the Haggen supermarket chain.

Six months later, Haggen declared bankruptcy, and said it would close at least 100 of its supermarkets.

Grocery strategist Burt P. Flickinger said:

“This is the fastest (failure) in modern supermarket history… In all of retail, I haven’t seen anything like this.”

This does not surprise me. Obama is a cronyist, and everything he touches turns into bantha pudu.


October 4, 2015. Tags: , , , , , . Barack Obama, Politics.


  1. EDell replied:

    How does this have anything to do with Obama? Besides your desperate wishful thinking that it does.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Like a moron you voted for Oblunder not once but twice didn’t you?

  2. HMichaelH replied:

    It would be interesting to know where these supermarkets that are to be closed are located. Are they in wealthy, Caucasian and Asian suburbs and in small towns with similar racial makeup? Or are they inner city stores which exclusively serve only jobless Negroes on welfare and in Caucasian areas of poverty such as Appalachia? I doubt they are closing successful stores, so my bet is on the later.

    This then raises the larger question, “Why is Ohbongo doing this?” Is he truly abandoning his own people? The only answer I can come up with is, “He is doing it to further create hostility and chaos between the races.” I am becoming convinced he wants America to be destroyed from within and from without. If he can’t get enough ISIS Fellow Travellers to immigrate to America, he can at least create situations where those born here will turn on each other and destroy the Nation from within. This could be one small step in accomplishing that goal.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Michael whats the difference? Safeway used to be in Cleveland. Safeway closed two stores in the inner city, one in Parma, one in Westlake, two in Shaker heights, and two in 7 hills. of the afore mentioned only two were inner city. We used to shop at safeway at the shopping center on Lorain Avenue and that place was packed just about everyday When that closed we went to the on Clark. You think Walmart is bad with their clowns you should have seen some of the trash that came in there. Slowly one by one the closed and the last to close was Westlake. Went shopping there on a Friday and Monday they were closed and out of business.
      Than they had a store in my home town where my parents shopped for years. Again open Friday and closed Monday, no explanation no nothing. Hell even the fixtures were gone.
      So really I don’t see where your theory in locations has anything to do with their closings.
      As to your Oblunder idea I would have to say the latter. You know as well as I that man has caused more chaos than any dictator since Hitler.
      The way I see it is Oblunder is creating his own ISIS right in the inner cities of America
      Look at your high rise projects in the inner city some of them hold as many as 1,000 people many are only two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and are designed to hold 3 to 4 people. But when you have people dropping kids like cats drop kittens soon you have a building that was originally designed from a few now has a multitude of people ALL ON WELFARE
      Now I have been compared to those on welfare because of the Medicaid and Foodstamps we receive. Well, yes I guess you can say I am at the mercy of the tax payer. BUT there is a small difference between them and I.
      I pay just a little over $1000 in property taxes per half. And because my income for the Mrs. and I do not meet with poverty levels for our area we qualify for a whopping $128 in food stamps and that is for two. My Medicaid, no thanks to Oblunder is something different.
      They call it a spend down, I like to call it a copay insurance program. each month I bring to the department of job and family services, cash…now checks, no money orders, no credit cards just cold hard cash the sum of $38 that I like to call a premium.
      I can still hold my head high and walk out of there with dignity.

  3. poetopoet replied:

    EDell you idiot, illegal to do what Obama did.

  4. EDell replied:

    Apparently, if a federal regulator moves in for such a case, it’s because of anti-trust reasons. There is no explanation in the article as to why the feds did what they did, other than what would be the obvious reason – anti-trust. Come up with a better article if you want to prove your point that Obama was personally behind it.

    • poetopoet replied:

      As the old saying goes “The Buck and What the Fuck Stops There and that is up the black assholes anal passage.” my fucking edit, you idiot!

      • Constitution Believer replied:

        Obviously this moron still thinks Oblunder can walk on water, raise the dead and can levitate. Man talk about anal retention.

      • poetopoet replied:

        I guess its true “Once you go Black there is no turning back”?

      • EDell replied:

        In other words, you still don’t know how Obama is involved in all this. Thanks. I knew that all along.

      • poetopoet replied:

        You FREAK of nature!

        Obama is our President our Commander and Chief nothing happens without his approval. Grow up and get raped.

  5. EDell replied:

    So that means your posting your lunacy can’t be possible without Obama giving his o.k., huh? Lunatic.

    • poetopoet replied:

      Crazy is crazy as you are you are still crazy.

      Vote for Trump before you die, please mail it in.

  6. poetopoet replied:

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics=USSR, (once based) on Marxist socialism with 15 republics states at one time; surprisingly now with the EU=European Union 28 countries. The EU countries are far less free to decide their own fate than the now under USSR post Islamic-Muslim rule that the EU now demands of them through Muslim immigration takeover.

    The EU developed a central market through a social system of laws that all members must obey as member states, not countries, which abolished their own passport control of their 28 states defenses to whom, the EU?

    More like a P-U, I state and expose as a dirty rotten trick, they actually deserve, for their free thinking with no consequences. The EU keeps the masses thinking they are free and protected by whom, is the question, not WW1 or WW2 America, fuck them all.

    Last call for Paul Mall (cancer) for the EU! The USA had a real Paul Revere, not a German Merkel type bitch or a lesbian bishop that head-line: “First lesbian bishop ever seeks removal of crucifixes to welcome Muslim ‘angels’” of the Swedish Church’s hierarchy, witch is the EU freaks?

    Putin, as in the USSR can and will have them all eating out their (his) fingers one by one, sooner or later, for he sent and shows Islamic country rulers how to stay in power with his feared Spetsnaz special forces and jets into Syria to protect and defend Assad, that is more like how too stay in power, they do like a lot Mother Russia.

    So I say goodbye and good reddens to ISIS or Obama’s ISIL, the first black bastard child president. No shit brothers and sisters, stay free in America and stay away from them dirt bag sand baggers.

    • EDell replied:

      Reddens? It’s riddance. Smarten up.

      • HMichaelH replied:

        I had to laugh at your response to the Poet. Some time ago I tried to help him with his spelling/grammar errors, and he became very angry and vulgar towards me. I also suggested it was not a good idea to threaten the safety and well-being of the President of the United States. He does not do well with helpful suggestions. So when I saw you select just one minor spelling error to call him on, I was entertained. Just watch how he responds.

        If you take just the comment he made where he misspells “riddance” and subject all of it to review by Grammarly.com, you will be amazed at the number of errors contained therein. I once suggested he use Grammarly.com to review what he writes to help make his presentations more understandable, but you can guess what the results of that suggestion have been.

        It became clear this guy is either attempted English as a second language, or he is seriously deficient in spelling/grammar education. Add to these limitations the argument he thinks he’s a poet, and what he writes becomes even more entertaining. It appears he thinks his writings are elegant and sophisticated, which, of course, makes him even more humorous and perhaps sad. At some point, I stopped laughing with him and began laughing at him.

        I stopped responding to him because it is senseless to beat a dead horse. He surely doesn’t take criticism well. Any attempt to put lipstick on a pig does not make the pig more beautiful and just annoys the pig. Watch how he responds to your comment, and wait until he reads this. However, seeing you point out one of his many spelling errors started my day with a smile. Join me in taking some degree of pleasure in the angry and grammatically incorrect responses he is going to make to both of us.

      • poetopoet replied:

        You are a fucking jerk and a freak, it is reddens not riddance when I am posting about the reds like Russian Reds for they are bombing them ISIS, you fucking jerk, learn to take a joke and Stuff it till it reddens you, you freak!

  7. John Cook replied:

    You crazy conservatives make me laugh. Like Trump could do anything for this nation, It’s a nation not a business. Many people would leave America if Trump ever got elected. Wild claims aside, you seem to love to post a lot of small things to make Obama look like the bad guy, and you support Donald Trump of all people. Man I know the people of America were going down the gutter but you are just another level of messed in the head. Well believe what you want, but as much of the ”mistakes” you claim Obama has done he’s also done a lot of good that brings great change to our nation and it’s future. You may think this change is bad, but there are some good tings to this change. We can stay stuck in the past, and that would only hurt us not help us. You have to bring in something new to the table while also fixing up problems the past has brought. Obama, in his terms, has helped fixed the slew of issues Bush left after his Presidency. It’s amazing what this man could do in just 8 years. Plus if many people did hate him then he wouldn’t have been reelected. Last thing, name calling Obama doesn’t really add any affect as to why he’s a bad president. It just makes you look childish. Your ”followers” seem to blindly ignore the good and only look at the bad, and anything you post about the president is always negative. I’m biased but I do have conservative viewpoints, but all your followers and you are extremely biased that it’s just painful to read anything you write.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      What do you think of Obama’s specific actions that I wrote about, regarding the supermarkets?

      I have never supported Trump for President. Trump agrees with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Kelo v New London, which I consider to the the worst U.S. Supreme Court ruling of the 21st century so far.

      • EDell replied:

        You still aren’t saying what exactly Obama himself did in this matter, neither is anyone else, including the article. Another case of right wing hallucination and fabrication feverishly working overtime to create a reality for right wingers for the one that doesn’t exist that they so desperately wish would.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        One of the links that I cited says:


        “Albertsons and Safeway were ordered by federal regulators to divest those locations”

        Obama is the boss of those federal regulators who ordered the stores to be sold. It’s Obama’s fault that those supermarkets were shut down.

  8. EDell replied:

    Okay, HMichaelH, just watch this.

    • HMichaelH replied:

      LMFAO! Good luck on any engagement with this imbecile. Of course, you are correct and have caught him in a classic lie about what he meant. It is almost impossible for him to admit an error, and this idiotic explanation he puts forward is a prime example of how ridiculously defensive he is.

      But I must remind you of the cliche about attempting to put lipstick on a pig. It just annoys the pig and really doesn’t make the pig beautiful! But have fun for as long as you can take it.

  9. EDell replied:

    Hey, Poe, guess what. You said “So I say goodbye and good reddens.” You mean to say that you meant “So I say goodbye and good reds” and not “good riddance”? What the hell is that supposed to mean, “So I say goodbye and good reds”? You actually think the reds (Russians that you claim you were referring to) are good? What a Putin-loving commie you are.

    • poetopoet replied:

      Hey! Ass-Hole Idiot EDell:

      You are as a Type-O-Negative idiot and brain dead Demonic Demolition Democrat expert. You, try as you might, as a fucking idiot that you are! You cannot rewrite published and recorded history before you, you ass-hole; as in your: “So I say goodbye and good reds”?” and “What the hell is that supposed to mean,” excerpts, and then expect believability or respect, really!

      You, EDell are a Devil Worshiper; commonly called a Fly-Catcher of Shit hung, for you have landed on Obama and he or she-he is of your color of choice or base pile Behind A Green Door, is he not for you, as in Good-Shit-Riddance in hell!

      Sorry, this is my residue of intimidation or intermediation, that these eyes have it for you, catcher.

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