Requiring photo ID is “racist,” except when it’s done by Obama, the NAACP, unions, or any other liberals

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

June 6, 2015

Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee recently announced that he wants to be the Democrats’ 2016 presidential candidate.

In July 2011, Governor Chafee signed a bill that requires voters to show photo ID.

In March 2012, Obama’s Justice Department blocked Texas’s voter ID requirement, claiming that it was “racist.”

However, the very same Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters.

So let’s say that someone is denied their right to vote because they don’t have voter ID, and they want to file a lawsuit at the Justice Department. But because they don’t have photo ID, they can’t get into the Justice Department in the first place!

In this video, beginning at 2:39, we see that Obama’s Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters:

The same video also shows that you need photo ID in order to enter other liberal organizations which claim that requiring voter ID is “racist,” including the Advancement Project (at 1:38), the Center for American Progress (2:08), and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (2:23).

At a July 2012 NAACP event, NAACP President Ben Jealous claimed that requiring voter ID was “racist.” However, at that very same event, the NAACP required photo ID in order to get into the event in the first place!

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain, India, and South Africa all require photo ID in order to vote, but U.S. liberals don’t consider those countries’ requirements to be “racist.”

In January 2012, Illinois passed a law which requires buyers of drain cleaner to show photo ID, but liberals didn’t accuse this requirement of being “racist.”

In June 2012, Michelle Obama required photo ID in order to attend her book signings, but liberals didn’t accuse her of being “racist.”

In June 2012, Barack Obama required photo ID in order to attend his campaign events, but liberals didn’t accuse him of being “racist.”

This article from Politico includes the following photograph of a labor union that requires photo ID in order for its members to vote, but liberals didn’t accuse this union of being “racist”:

In my opinion, requiring photo ID is never “racist.”

However, I would like liberals to please explain why it is “racist” when conservatives do it, but not “racist” when liberals do it.

Anyway, according to liberals’ own “logic,” Lincoln Chafee is a “racist.” Why would they want him to be president?

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  1. poetopoet replied:

    Silly people or whatever, of course it’s racist to have colored people take colored photos, they must be in the Old Black and White form to get it right, all that colored stuff confuses them white folks.

  2. BGills replied:

    According to “Progressives” you must belong to one of the Unions to participate in the work-force. Curiously they believe everyone should vote, regardless their qualifications, unless you disagree with them? You must show a valid Union-card on demand, at a job-site, to belong to their club of elitist workers, but when voting for public office, how ridiculous, how “Racist”? They no longer believe in secret ballots, and wish to identify, for retribution, all who would dare disagree with their stated agenda.
    These are the very same people who claim to know what’s ‘fair,” for all?
    “Workers unite!” Only if you can get into our club, pay our dues, and bow to our demands… Hypocrites unite is more like it.

    • AWC replied:

      I just read a week or two ago that the Unions were voracious supporters of L.A.’s efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. Then, at the 11th hour of legislative efforts, the Unions reversed and asked for the legislation to include an exception for Unions to the minimum wage law. I love how our country works. Corruption is the new normal from city to Federal level, ‘cross the board.

      The reason they want the exception of course, is that by being the only game in town with an exemption to the min wage law, businesses, not workers, would line up to unionize their own operations just to lower their labor costs. Brilliance when you think about, sadly, most Americans don’t think about anything at all.

      Meanwhile, I just read last week that Irvine, CA – just south of L.A. county in Orange County voted to lower their minimum wage.

      If L.A. passes their min wage hike, there will be a flood of businesses and labor (taxpayers) across the border into Orange County unlike we have ever seen and Orange County is going to rake, rake, rake that money in.

      • poetopoet replied:

        “If L.A. passes their min wage hike, there will be a flood of businesses and labor (taxpayers) across the border into Orange County” Not according Rick Perry of Texas.

  3. AWC replied:

    Reblogged this on Angrywoodchuck's Blog.

  4. Kenneth Budd replied:

    They also say fences on the border do not work so why do’t they remove the fences from around the White house?

  5. Kimberly replied:

    True! When I was applying for scholarships, THEE ONLY scholarship that required me to send a PICTURE in with app was the Congressional Black Caucus!!!!! WHY would they need that?

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