Why does the liberal, tolerant, and enlightened city of San Francisco arrest black women at 13 times the rate of women of other races?

Fusion.net reports:

Black women in San Francisco arrested way more often than white women, report shows

May 27, 2015

Black women represent 5.8% of the city’s female population, but accounted for 45.5% of all female arrests in 2013… For arrests related to weapons and narcotics—both felonies—black women made up 77% and 68% of all female arrests, respectively.

Black women were arrested “at a per capita rate 13.4 times higher than women of other races,” says the report.

Considering that San Francisco is said to be one of the most liberal, tolerant, and enlightened cities in the U.S., I wonder how this happened.


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  1. poetopoet replied:

    Well there you go. When black is defined as the absence of a color or colors, what does that mean? That you are either color blind or just so damn stupid and transparently bigoted to want to survive their kind of numbers, that according to some, do not exist in prime time anyway.

  2. Latrese McGowen replied:

    Wouldn’t it be more relevant to compare the arrest rates to the percentage of crimes committed by the different races rather than to the raw population percentages.

    • poetopoet replied:

      They cannot, their Ebonics get in the way, even when going back-woods.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Latrese McGowen, yes, your suggestion makes perfect sense. However, according to liberals, any difference between blacks and whites is caused by racism from whites. If we are to hold liberals to their own standards, we must conclude that San Francisco is a very racist city.

      • poetopoet replied:

        How dare you say that. LOL

  3. Mongoose replied:

    Because they are racists?

    • poetopoet replied:

      Without question.

  4. HMichael Hawkins replied:

    Well, maybe the fact that these women are Negroes would explain it! It seems Negroes and Hillary Clinton operate outside the contemporary law the rest of us observe. However, no one in San Francisco is arresting Hillary, are they?

    • poetopoet replied:

      Don’t you know they have an Old Hag ordinance?

      • HMichael Hawkins replied:

        I don’t think that is true. If it were, Nancy Pelosi would not be their Congressman.

      • poetopoet replied:

        You know that she or he had a sex change to be a congressman, WOW?

  5. BlackFace replied:

    Because liberal, white homosexuals hate women and black women in particular?

    • HMichael Hawkins replied:

      I wonder why Caucasian homosexuals hate black women more than they hate all other women in general? I understand the revulsion homosexual men feel toward the genitalia of all women (it’s similar to the revulsion I feel about male homosexual acts,) but why especially Negro women?

      • poetopoet replied:

        Because they give better head, that’s why.

      • hMichaelH replied:

        I am not sure how you know that. Better we drop this conversation now.

  6. John replied:

    Dan, having lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years, and having been a cop across the Bay from SFO, I expect the answer to this question rests in the liberal teachings in which Bay Area children have been indoctrinated since the mid-1960’s. SFO is the worst, but it’s only the tip of that iceburg.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      According to liberal teachings, any difference between blacks and whites is caused by racism from whites.

  7. William Livingston replied:

    See that is just the point. The Blacks give themselves their own stereotypes by doing what they do.
    People look at a black and immediately assume he or she is a bad guy and 99 out of 100 times they are correct.
    Sorry but the blacks have no one to blame but themselves…they want to be head of the class…well they are doing it, so don’t come belly acing when things don’t go right for you.

    • poetopoet replied:

      Funny how there are fifty shades of gray, but only one shade of black.

  8. Greg replied:

    If you go to youtube and do a search with the words McDonalds, and Fight, you will find out that black women typically are arrested there at a higher percentage too. It will enlighten you on the self centered, self righteous bad
    attitudes of quite a few of them.

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