Baltimore’s public schools

During the  2010-2011 school year (the most recent year for which data is available) Baltimore’s public schools spent $17,329 per student.

What do students get for all that money that is being spent?

According to standardized tests, only 16% of eighth graders in Baltimore’s public schools are proficient or better at reading, and only 13% are proficient or better at math.

Jon Stewart thinks the solution is to spend more money.  He recently said:

“If we are spending a trillion dollars to rebuild Afghanistan’s schools, we can’t, you know, put a little taste Baltimore’s way. It’s crazy.”

Unfortunately, like all liberals who claim that public schools are underfunded, Stewart refuses to admit how much money they are actually spending. I doubt he looked up the number before he made his statement. But he did say what he said, so we know he thinks the current amount is not enough, even if he does not actually know what that amount is.

I wonder how much money would have to be spent for Jon Stewart (as well as all the other liberals who claim that public schools are underfunded) to think it was enough.

In Baltimore, 35% of public school teachers send their own children to private school. This proves that 65% of the public school teachers in Baltimore are idiots.


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  1. hmichaelh replied:

    While it is true, Baltimore is second in the Nation on the list of money spent on education, it is not true the money is spent on students. Almost all of the money goes to the huge administrative overhead which is the Baltimore Department of Education. There you will find ignorant, uneducated, lazy, unproductive employees who are sucking off the public tit which constitutes the “$17,329 per student” spent on “education.” This is the crime against the children of Baltimore, and the reason why there is a very high drop-out rate. Those who do graduate, do so without the ability to read, write or do arithmetic. And the amazing thing remains almost all of these children are Negroes, and almost all of those sucking on the public finding tit, robbing the children of an education, are also Negroes. This race is killing itself, not just in the street gunfights, but in the classrooms where none of these children are learning to liberate themselves from the slavery of the ghetto. So the Dept. of Education in Baltimore is complicit in the destruction of their own city but are too stupid to recognize it. It is a vicious cycle, and drastic measures need to be taken to correct this crime against the children. The Liberal, Democrat, Negro administration of the City is absolutely not going to change the status quo to help the children. It’s much easier to blame Caucasians for their failures.

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