How embarrassing for the political left – the Baltimore police officer charged with murdering Freddie Gray is black

The Washington Post has just reported that the Baltimore police officer charged with murdering Freddie Gray is black.

Why is the political left blaming Gray’s death on racism?

And if this black police officer gets convicted and ends up in jail, will the political left then complain about yet another black man being sent to prison?


May 1, 2015. Tags: , , , , . Politics, Racism, Violent crime.


  1. EK replied:

    it isnt embarrassing. It shows that backs cops are just as bad.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Ever since Gray died, the political left has been blaming his death on racism.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Its plain to see that you are not a liberal. What this means is that one of their own murdered Gray, not a white man like they thought.
      I can just bet my last dollar that the blacks will not accept this FACT because they feel they are above everything…meaning they can break the laws and claim they didn’t so they can injure themselves and claim police brutality.

  2. hmichaelh replied:

    I wasn’t aware the policeman driving the van was a Negro. It really doesn’t matter to me what his race might be, but rather that the corruption in Baltimore politics and the fear of the Negro Community in the City has dictated these indictments. Without being able to see all the evidence available (inspite of politicians promising transparency,) but just based on the corruption of Baltimore, I would say these indictments are without any real justifications. It’s a very sad day for the Police everywhere when the city for which they work turns on them. I wonder why ANY young person would be interested in becoming a police officer in this day and age?

    I hope there is a fund opened to support these police people. I intend to support them with a substantial gift.

  3. Ginny replied:

    Black cops are just as dirty and corrupt as non-black cops, if not more. Black cops have been protecting drug dealers for years and blacks protect dirty cops and drug dealers. Goggle the 13 Atlanta Metro cops who were sentenced from 3-7 years for protecting/overseeing illegal drug transactions. These dirty cops were getting paid between $700-7,000 per transaction! PAID IN FULL! This type of s**t has been going on within black areas patrolled by black cops for years. Dirty black cops keep black dealers off radar of law enforcement. Until a dealer who’s being raided snitches to agents that they have dirty cops on their payroll. Online there are black male and femal high ranking officers-captains, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, etc are serving prison time for running drug rings, along with their adult children. Like Gloria Steele from Chicago and so many others. And yes, even Baltimore. That Marilyn Mosby’s parents and uncles were corrupt cops who robbed drug dealers and they used drugs. Eventually, they were kicked off the force. Oh yes, there’s been dirty black cops since the first Negro police force was established.

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