Poll: frat jerks cause $75,000 of damage to ski resort: should their parents be allowed to bail them out?

I’m no expert, but I think it’s going to cost a lot more than $75,000 to repair these damages. And that doesn’t even take into account the lost revenues from not being able to rent those rooms. The students who did this should be forced to pay for all of those costs, be expelled from the school, and have criminal charges filed against them.

I think their parents should be prohibited from paying for the damages. The students should have to work to pay for it.

Good morning America reports:

Inside the Frat Party that Caused $75,000 of Damage at a Ski Resort

January 23, 2015

Students from the University of Michigan, including members from six fraternities and sororities, are accused of causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damages during a weekend stay at two northern Michigan ski resorts.

The students, which included members of the Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi fraternities, as well as members of the Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Phi and Delta Gamma sororities, are being accused by resort operators of trashing hotel rooms and hallways, including ripping off cabinet doors, destroying ceilings and rugs, and busting up tables, during a Jan. 17-18 weekend stay at the Treetops Resort and Spa in Gaylord, and the Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs.

This next paragraph is my favorite part of the article:

Despite the fraternity’s apology, [Treetops general manager Barry] Owens voiced his concerns. “They said they were going to make good on this, however they also said they would behave themselves… we have concerns about the integrity of their word.”

Mr. Owens is a wise man.

Here are pictures of the damage that were included in the article:

frat 1

frat 2

frat 3

frat 4

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  1. 5WarVeteran replied:

    The malicious little assholes need to pay the price. All too often these college boy assholes have their wealthy mommies and daddies to bail them out and they learn NOTHING.
    Spoiled little shitheads end up as officers in the military and the Enlisted get screwed dealing with the egotistical bastards.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      That’s really scary. I do not want these spoiled brats to end up in positions of power.

      • 5WarVeteran replied:

        Unfortunately that is exactly what has happened. Society is designed to promote the go getters, the go getters who are willing to screw the other guy when he is down to get ahead is called a sociopath. Society promotes the sociopath.
        The World Elite believe they are gods. In the 32nd rite of freemasonry they are told “by virtue” of obtaining that level they are gods. EVERY US President has been a 33rd degree Mason. Including Barry O.

    • glenn replied:

      That’s why these punks do this crap, because mommy & daddy always bail them out. I think both parents should be in jail with their kids until they all go to court. Then maybe these scumbags will think twice before they pull off a stunt like this again. U.M. should suspend all those involved, too.

      • 5WarVeteran replied:

        I have considered jailing the parents but in this economy with jobs disappearing all the time now (an improvement according to Obastard) these parents would lose their jobs and we would get stuck paying more for housing the lot of them in taxes.
        I totally love the idea of a parent having to got to school with the miscreants sitting in class and enjoying quality classroom time with their uncontrollable yuppie vermin. For the little college brats the parents also paying for the space they take up in the college classroom.
        However I believe COMMUNITY SERVICE is also a very good and beneficial assignment as well.
        A few weeks of picking up trash and raking leaves for the city might go a long way in providing the parents a little more respect for the environment and on weekends Junior and his crew can work right along side.
        Heavy labor not a problem. . . .

        Trying to make the punishment fit the crime is always difficult however scrubbing the pavement of vomit and other bodily fluids after a messy Friday and Saturday night at the local pub is also a great motivator. I am quite sure business owners would appreciate the assistance.

        For my grand daughter in her infinite wisdom of marking up a local AT&T wiring box, in plain view of traffic I made her scrub all the markings off including those of the local gangs then sanding it down and repainting it. At her cost. . . . The police were involved so I offered her services for any other graffiti needing to be cleaned up during the month. I also was with her during these times supervising. The finished product was very nice and more importantly she LEARNED to respect public property as well as some “great ideas” are not very well thought out.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        5WarVeteran, good for you for teaching your granddaughter that lesson in personal responsibility!

      • 5WarVeteran replied:

        She was 13 when she did that and had not got into any trouble since. She turns 17 next month and the only trouble she has been in was authorized “by me” to beat the shit out of a boy who tried groping her in school. He had been trouble before and he was expelled while she was suspended for 3 days. So we went to the range and practiced a few hundred rounds. My grands are well trained.

      • Kenneth Budd replied:

        Probably it is history repeating it self,first look at the parents.
        no matter the influence the brats need to learn a lesson.

  2. hmichaelh replied:

    If they are under 18, their parents should pick up the repair costs, and the kids should be arrested and charged as either children or adults, based on what the Prosecutor decides.

    If they are over 18, they should be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law. If convicted, they should go to jail for a long time, and they should be responsible for reimbursing the costs.

    I’m sure the hotel has insurance to cover just this sort of damage. So the collection of reimbursement will probably be from a civil suit brought by the Insurance Company.

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