Video/audio: Machete wielding intruder gets shot by homeowner. Obama thinks this act of self defense should be illegal.

The Idaho State Journal News recently put up this video at YouTube. A guy with a machete breaks down an apartment door (which looks like it’s made of cardboard), despite the fact that the guy in the apartment had already warned the intruder that he had a gun. After the intruder enters the apartment with a machete, the homeowner shoots him three times. The Idaho State Journal News then blanks the video, but you can hear the intruder screaming in agony for a long time, the homeowner telling him to stay down because he doesn’t want to have to kill him, and the homeowner saying that he called an ambulance.

When Obama was an Illinois state Senator, he voted against allowing people in their own homes to use guns to protect themselves and their families from machete wielding scumbags such as this. Many of the people who voted for Obama for President agree with his anti-self defense position. On January 10, 2013, President Obama signed a bill that provides armed guards to himself and his wife for the rest of the lives, which makes Obama a gun control hypocrite.

The guy who got shot was a white guy, so Obama won’t be defending him or launching a federal investigation, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton won’t be defending him, and there won’t be any protests, looting, smashing of windows, burning down of businesses, or blocking of traffic in response to this incident.

Here’s the video from the The Idaho State Journal News channel at YouTube, and an article from the The Idaho State Journal News:

Pocatello man who was shot while breaking into neighbors’ apartments to threaten them with machete is sentenced

January 15, 2015

POCATELLO — Twain Thomas was sentenced to a prison term of five years fixed and 10 years indeterminate for attempted murder and five years fixed for aggravated assault Thursday.

Thomas was also ordered to pay $1,200.

Before imposing the sentence, Sixth District Judge Robert Naftz said he believed there was hope for Thomas, who pleaded guilty to the charges in November as part of a plea agreement.

“I have to impose a sentence that protects society and includes punishment,” Naftz said.

Last February, Thomas broke into the apartments of two of his neighbors on 200 block of South Garfield in Pocatello wielding a large machete. He was shot three times in the chest by James Cvengros after Thomas battered his way through the door.

Cvengros video recorded the event and the court got a chance to view the footage Thursday.

After Thomas busted out windows in his own upstairs apartment, he then broke into another second floor apartment. The audio on the video clip captures that resident screaming at Thomas to get out. The woman managed to chase Thomas out of the apartment and that’s when he went downstairs to the Cvengros apartment.

As he beat on the door, Cvengros told Thomas to leave. As Thomas broke through the door, Cvengros warned him that he was armed, but Thomas kept coming. That’s when Cvengros fired three shots in rapid succession.

The video view ends at that point, but the audio continues, and Thomas can be heard moaning as Cvengros tells him to stay down.

Cvengros said it was the second time that Thomas had broken into his apartment. The suspect kicked the door in months earlier because the music was too loud. That incident led Cvengros to buy the weapon he used to stop Thomas.

Thomas apologized to his victims Thursday.

“I know they were terrified,” Thomas said.

Dave Martinez represented Thomas in the case and he noted that the suspect survived a violent childhood and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Thomas also sustained traumatic brain injury from a vehicle accident as a teenager.

Martinez added that Thomas, a military veteran, had no previous history of violence.

Bannock County Deputy Zach Parris said the crime was of particular concern as it affected two households, and he said that Thomas would also be able to seek help in prison.

Martinez had asked that the court retain jurisdiction and sentence Thomas to psychiatric facility for treatment.

Following the hearing, Cvengros said he would have liked to see Thomas sentenced to a longer prison term for threatening his life.

Cvengros’s girlfriend, Kaila Gerhart, was at the residence when the shooting occurred. And she said that she still has nightmares about the incident.

“The trial kind of brought it all back up again,” Gerhart said.

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  1. happypappies replied:

    These freaking liberals are gonna be the death of us yet. Literally. You got the Pope advocating violence now for insulting his mother……. Poor poor Thug…pat him on the head and give him a cigeratte and an all day sucker, no we are the suckers for voting these people in.

    Obama and the Illinois Political Machine

    The Associated Press
    Monday, February 26, 2007; 2:22 PM

    CHICAGO — Democrat Barack Obama piled on the praise last month as he stood beside Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and embraced the mayor’s bid for a sixth term.

    “I don’t think there’s a city in America that has blossomed as much over the last couple of decades than Chicago, and a lot of that has to do with our mayor,” Obama said, supporting Daley ahead of Tuesday’s city election.

  2. glenn replied:

    Don’t wound these idiots, regardless. They need to go! He obviously doesn’t want to live.

  3. Constitution Believer replied:

    Let’s see Where do I begin? First off Obama is a sniveling ass with the back bone of a jelly fish. I wonder if this has ever happened to him? I seriously doubt it.
    “The reality is that you are on your own for at least 4 minutes OR MORE. Anyone who has been in any type of altercation knows that it only takes seconds to inflict serious injury. ”
    According to it takes about 10 seconds to pull a trigger depending on the person.
    Now there are going to be idiots out there that are so damned against guns that would stand there and let the guy hack them to little pieces. And PLEASE tell me what the hell does that accomplish? Not a damn thing. Your dead, maybe your spouse is dead, and if the son of a b==== is some one that gets off killing will kill your kids they’re dead. All because you opposed guns and didn’t have the balls to defend that right.
    Are guns bad? yes but only if they are in the hands of some jackass with the idea that they can bully anyone they want, but pull a gun on THEM and they will almost schitt their pants when they buck up against someone that wants to bully them.
    They don’t want to be shot anymore than you do so maybe YOU can hold them off till the cops get there.
    Now wasn’t that simple?

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