New Jersey public school forces student to get psychological evaluation, blood test, urine test, and to strip, because he twirled a pencil. The state threatened to take him away from his father.

Ethan Chaplin, Student, Says He Was Suspended For Twirling Pencil

April 7, 2014

Was it a twirling pencil or something more sinister?

That’s the question that hovers over the story of Ethan Chaplin, a Vernon, N.J. seventh-grader who, last week, was told he could return to Glen Meadow Middle School only after he received a psychological evaluation.

According to News 12, Chaplin said he was sitting in class, spinning a pencil with a pen cap on top when a fellow student told his teacher, “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”

After the incident, Chaplin’s dad, Michael, said his son was effectively suspended pending a psychological examination, which the middle schooler passed.

The school tells a different story.

Vernon Schools Superintendent Charles Maranzano told HuffPost he couldn’t discuss the specific incident because of privacy laws, but he did say “no school in the state of New Jersey or nationally would leap to a school suspension for twirling a pencil. That’s not what the basis of our actions are.”

Instead, Maranzano said the student was not suspended, but was told he could return as soon as a doctor completed a psychological evaluation and determined the student posed no threat to himself or others.

“Our actions are always based on what’s best for the health safety and welfare of all the students,” Maranzano said. “We’re responsible for their mental and physical health and safety and security. When a student misbehaves or displays actions that are non-conforming or don’t meet our expectations, it causes us some concerns.”

Maranzano also said, in the wake of several deadly shootings, schools are being especially careful.

“I don’t want to be the one who failed to act when there were warning signs being demonstrated or displayed,” Maranzano said.

Michael Chaplin told InfoWars about what his son had to undergo during the psychological evaluation.

“The child was stripped, had to give blood samples (which caused him to pass out) and urine samples for of all things drug testing,” Michael Chaplin said. “Then four hours later a social worker spoke to him for five minutes and cleared him. Then an actual doctor came in and said the state was 100 percent incorrect in their procedure and this would not get him back in school.”

Maranzano said Chaplin is back in school.

Dad: NJ threatens to take away son after pencil-twirling incident

June 10, 2014

VERNON, N.J. (PIX11) –  A 13-year-old boy was the most famous kid in school for a few weeks.

A simple pencil-twirling incident landed Ethan Chaplin in hot water with his school, which threatened to suspend him after a classmate claimed he was spinning the writing utensil like a gun.

After media attention from PIX11 and around the world, school officials backed off — but child protection agencies did not.

Letters to Ethan’s father, Michael, show the school found his son did nothing wrong at all, and that there would be no disciplinary action.  The superintendent was even confident the issue would be behind all of them.

And that’s exactly what happened, until Ethan’s father received startling communication from New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection and Permanency and Department of Children and Families.

“I received a letter from them saying they had found an incident of abuse or neglect regarding Ethan because I refused to take him for psychological evaluation,” Michael said.

In an effort to play along and clear his name, Michael agreed to take his son for an evaluation.

Ethan was seen by a social worker, and had his blood drawn and urine taken.  In the end, no behavioral problem was found.

The state, it seems, is ignoring that set of testing, demanding further evaluation and threatening that if Michael doesn’t comply, they are will terminate his parental rights and free Ethan up for adoption.

“All I can do is keep fighting, keep telling the truth and (keep) presenting the evidence. That is all I can do and hopefully the state does the right thing,” Michael said.

He has even reached out to Governor Chris Christie’s office, who replied they would contact the Dept. of Children and Families to investigate.

“…I’m scared because they have a habit of running away with things unchecked and that’s exactly what’s going on,” Michael said.

PIX11 tried to get a comment from DCPP and NJ Department of Children and Families but received no answers.

The agency told PIX11 they can’t discuss the allegations or even acknowledge they have involvement with the family.

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  1. hmichaelh replied:

    It appears they are demanding a psychological evaluation of the wrong person. Perhaps all those adults involved in over reacting to this childish activity might go to the top of the list of those needing evaluation. Are they so removed from the reality of a seventh grader’s boredom with what is going on in the classroom, that he’s spinning a bottle top on his pencil? At least he was entertaining himself, which, apparently,was more than the teacher was doing.

  2. 5WarVeteran replied:

    Asinine. Totally asinine and the STATE should be held responsible for all the needless costs.
    The bully should be held responsible for FALSE REPORTING. The School should be held responsible for a sever lack of common sense and lack of responsible action.
    Government has no reason to be in schools.

    It will all change this year . . .

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I think the bully was just making a joke that should have been obvious to everyone, so I don’t think he should necessarily be punished. It’s the “adults” who deserve the real blame.

      • 5WarVeteran replied:

        Do you know why the Boy Scouts have it better than the Military and the school system?
        They have adult supervision.
        I agree the bully was being an ass. Creating trouble as bullies do.
        The school system and it’s FAILURE of common sense and ASSuming that a child is more than a child in any activity.
        Are responsible and must be held so. These are the failures of society as planned by criminal government and the Elite as part of the depopulation agenda.
        Real Americans can stop this.

  3. Greg replied:

    Neal Boortz said it best, something to the effect that government schools are a bigger threat to our society as we know it, than Islamic terrorism. Parents who send their children to such indoctrination centers are guilty of child abuse. Incidents such as this just goes to show that Boortz knows what he is talking about.

  4. AWC replied:

    This is the natural result of years of political and mainstream media agitprop. Everyone is scared sh**less of everything and everyone. This is how the state wants it. The school reacted, and then overreacted because they don’t want a headline down the road that reads, “Six Dead in School Massacre – School Administrator Failed to See Warning Signs.”

    All of the propaganda to report “fishy” bloggers and websites that speak ill of Obamacare directly to the White House. The repetition of the “See something, Say something” campaign. Neighbors calling neighbors Socialists, Tea Baggers, Nazi’s, Fascists, Racists, Communists, Anarchists…

    The TSA grabbing us or herding us through scanners where we hold our hands up in surrender.

    Constant news about ISIS, porous borders, native Muslim extremists…

    All of it to generate this kind of fear. Where everyone is afraid of everyone and everyone reports on everyone and everyone overreacts against everyone.

    Exactly how the State wants it.

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