Here’s an excellent two minute video about Michael Brown

This contains language that some people might find offensive. Otherwise, it is an excellent video.




December 10, 2014. Tags: , , , . Politics, Racism.


  1. 5WarVeteran replied:

    I really appreciate that lady.

  2. Thom* replied:

    I agree with every F…….N word she said.

    Why would he run?

    Well maybe he had watched some movies where the cops didn’t shoot people in the back.

    That’s as good a guess as I can come up with.

  3. Constitution Believer replied:

    I have one word to this video daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

    Someone pinch me as I cannot believe that a black is defending Officer Wilson.

    I have been saying I don’t give a darn if you are black or white when a police officer tells you to stop you should stop. TALK with the officer. So what if you are detained, trust me that party you are going to is NOT going any where or the female you been wanting to bang for the last 4 hours she also will wait.
    YOUR life is more important then a bullet. Now if you have something to hide or you DID do something then grow a pair of balls and man up to what you did…again your life is more important then the aforementioned.
    No Mr. Brown had to be a bad ass and get a whole city involved not to mention the president and the AG.
    UNNECESSARY FORCE…someone give me a definition of of UN-necessary force.

  4. Sherry Bowen replied:

    Love her!

    • Thom* replied:

      This gal is one hundred percent correct and I agree with every word she said. The same can apply to all folks of all colors.

      Now I’m waiting for a cop to explain and condemn the cops who act like thugs. And how and what they can do to clean up their act.

      • J.McK replied:

        Well, I’m replying as a cop. Get involved with you’re police departments. Get to know the officers and their command. DO NOT TEACH YOUR KIDS that we are someone to be afraid of. We are like anyone else. We are citizens and we have the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness like everyone else and WE pay taxes to. Our badge and authority is not a right to be abusive nor is it a target for abuse. We have internal processes to weed out the corrupt among us. But like any other type of organization, there are faults with those processes. Some times it can be the union. That’s why citizens need to get involved with their PDs. I’m not making excuses but we are in a profession like no other. It is extremely dangerous and it can be extremely rewarding. But it requires citizens to be supportive and involved. We are not an occupation force. We are defenders of your rights and enforcers of the law. Not an easy thing to balance some times.

      • 5WarVeteran replied:

        J.McK I fully support our local constabulary. I am active in the community and we actually have a citizens police academy course twice a year. We also have ride alongs, just call in and set a time.
        Our department is also accredited.
        I am glad you recognize that authority does not replace morality. I wish all who protect and serve had these concepts at heart. I was with the NAS Oceana and worked directly with the Virginia Beach Police Department. Including public functions and Naval Liaison.
        We took part in a huge agency drug bust in 1995 which netted 128 arrests, What a day tat was.

      • Thom* replied:

        Thank you for your response to my comment, I really didn’t expect such a nice response and so soon.

        I hate to sound like a broken record but I do agree with you 100%. You sound like someone I would like, not only in a professional way but as a person as well.

        Many Peace officers have lost control of the peace concept and act more like law enforcers. The country has come to know police as a member of Law Enforcement and even refer to them as such, the whole “peace officer” concept has been lost and in many instances tyranny has replaced it.

        i’m aware that “bad” makes better news than “good” more times than not. Nothing is much worse to the average citizen than a bad cop, you know it and I know it. But then on the other hand no one deserves more respect and consideration than a good cop.

        I know and understand how dangerous a cops job can be, but lately the business of being an ordinary citizen has become dangerous as well. Maybe even more dangerous than a cops after all police are armed and trained to deal with thugs The ordinary citizen has to deal with the same thugs as you do only we, for the most part, are unarmed and have no radio to call for an army of backup. Now when you throw in bad cops with guns to have to deal with life can become pretty scary.

        Change is needed to bring the police forces back into the community. There is a great need to hold the actions of the police accountable. It has to remind them they are no worst or no better than the people they serve in the community.

        The internal process you refer too is NOT doing it’s job and that includes District Attorneys and Judges as well. They are very bias and the Union is a waste of money and resources. I am not sure if cops have to pay union dues or not but if they do they are wasting their hard earned money as well. No one should have to pay to work.

        The operations of the police force should be under the watchful eyes of ordinary citizens, much like a Grand Jury. Except none of the “behind closed doors” BS. Every thing should be transparent.

        Thank you again and stay safe. Merry Christmas and God Bless America.

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