Shoshana Roberts doesn’t want men to “harass” her, but on her own online biography she mentions her DD breasts

Shoshana Roberts is the woman who recently made a video about how she was “harassed” when she walked down the sidewalk. Much of this “harassment” consisted of people saying hi and being friendly.

You can see the video here:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also wrote this article about her video and the “harassment” that she received.

However, on her online biography, she mentions that her breast size is DD.

Shoshana Roberts has every right to list her breast size on her biography. But for someone who thinks that saying hi is a form of “harassment,” listing her breast size seems like an add choice.

If Shoshana Roberts is reading this, please answer this question: if you don’t want men “harassing” you, why do you list your breast size on your biography?


October 29, 2014. Tags: , , , , , , . Political correctness, Sexism.


  1. hmichaelh replied:

    Some people just need to be the victim. If this really bothers her, she should wear a burqa when she is out in public. It’s unlikely her campaign (or is it simply a plea for fame??) is ever going to change the male reaction to a female strutting her stuff in a provocative way.

  2. yz replied:

    because ura fuckup that’s why
    women want equality yes ?
    how many men brag about their penis length ?
    get a fucking clue you asshole

    the jerks in that video are jerks and clearly ur2

  3. name replied:

    How the hell does listing your bra size mean “please harass me”? And why do you think those harassers had read her web page? You can’t seriously tell me that having a stranger walk along beside you for several minutes wouldn’t creep you out.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Listing your bra size does does not mean “please harass me.” But it does seem odd that she listed her bra size – I have never seen anyone else do that on their webpage.

      Having a stranger walk beside you may or may not be because they are going the same place that you are going. But most of the people were just saying hi and being friendly, which is why I put the word “harassment” in quotes.

    • Don Smith replied:

      Listing breast size is promoting sex, whether you know that or not. She has no problem with getting a movie role because of her large breasts, but has an issue with men saying hello to her because of her breast size.

  4. dan replied:

    I suppose I’ll have to watch it again. While I am sure there were some who were just being friendly, I venture to guess most were not. Who say’s “hi” to someone who is walking down the street, looking straight ahead, making no eye contact whatsoever with anyone that she passes. And, the dude walking beside her for four minutes was just downright creepy. Lastly, regarding her mentioning her breast size, she will argue that she should be free to do so without anyone making any kind of comment about them, good or bad. Which, of course, is stupid.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I say hi to total strangers that I pass – male and female, old and young. It’s just something that some people do.

  5. vhcvtjv replied:

    im a man and when i travel to some 3rd world countries when i walk in the street im constantly approached by street people, vendors selling things, kids, prostitutes and even simple women in the streets. So has a man im beeing harassed too?

  6. MrMan replied:

    You are conveniently, and misleadingly, convoluting two things here.
    1. She is selling herself as an actor.
    2. She is making a statement about harrassment.

    She is an aspiring actor. As such, her web page lists past performances, and yes, attributes about her physical size, including her bust. There’s nothing odd about this if you are an actor. She has to sell herself, both her skills and her appearance, in order to get work as an actor. Let’s say somebody is casting a role for a TV commercial, or a part in a movie, and, let’s say, quite bluntly, the role calls for a busty actress. Listing her bust size will help her get that role. Conversely, if somebody does NOT want that in the person they cast, then they and she may as well have that out on the table so neither one wastes their time trying out for a part she cannot play.

    But on the street in that video, she was NOT an actress. It’s not like she is Elizabeth Taylor or Drew Barrymore. Nobody knows who Roberts is.
    Your statement, “why do you list your breast size on your biography”
    is really codespeak for, “You want people to know you have big boobs and so you have no right to complain about harassment.”

    Except that on the street, nobody had any idea she is an actress and knew nothing about her web page. She got harrassed like anybody else, just like a “joe nobody.” In addition, since when does listing something about yourself on a website, even if it is physical, and yes, even if it is a sexually attractive attribute, make it okay for strangers to start calling out “Hey baby” to you on the street.

    What if she likes her DD bustline, and thinks it makes her look gorgeous? So what? Does that entitle perfect strangers to mouth off to her as she walks down the street? I would expect guys to stare at a pretty woman on the street. But the guys in that video, even the more innocuous ones who aren’t stalking her or calling her “baby”, are still leering. It’s painfully obvious. They will walk past 20 people and say “Hi” or “have a nice evening” or “smile”, to only one person they pass… her. And it’s because she’s pretty, and she’s a woman, and they think they somehow have the right to leer (yes… folks, if you think a woman can’t tell how you are looking at them when you look and talk, you are just plain stupid).

    Finally, let’s put it another way…
    A salesman comes to your door. You don’t answer. He keeps ringing. You answer to tell him to go away. He keeps talking. Then he sticks his foot in the door so you can’t close it.
    THAT is what this is like. She can’t close the door. She can’t tell them to go away. They keep talking, keep calling to her, keep chasing.

    You know what? Even if she decided to sell pinup posters of herself flaunting her boobs, that still doesn’t entitle strangers to leer and cat call.
    It entitles them to plunk down their money and buy a poster if they want one. Nothing more.

  7. EDell replied:

    She can say or write anything she wants about herself. Those guys in the video didn’t come up to her because of her biography. They knew nothing about her or that she even wrote a biography and mentioned her DD breasts. She was just another interchangeable female to them that they wanted to hit on. Fail with her, then they move on to the next one. That’s how it works. Too bad you’re too stupid to see the real world that women have to live in and put up with. Maybe it might help if you actually became a woman to get that education.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      If I was a woman, I wouldn’t list my breast size on my website. I’m curious to know why she did.

      Most of those guys were saying hi and being friendly. I say hi to men and women that I pass on the sidewalk.

      • EDell replied:

        Dan says: “I say hi to men and women that I pass on the sidewalk.”

        I say: “80-year-olds? Because you’re bullshitting if you think you’re fooling anyone into thinking that you do it 20-year-olds.”

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        I say hi to 80 year olds. And they say hi back to me. It’s called being friendly.

      • hmichaelh replied:

        EDell, you apparently are so prescient and clairvoyant, you now know better than anyone what others think and do, regardless of what they say they think and do. I have a feeling you are going to become one of the few angry and lowly informed, biased commenters on here. Perhaps we should start immediately ignoring you. BTW, I also say hello or acknowledge a person with a wish of “Good Morning/Evening” but of course you already knew that, didn’t you? I include 80 year olds, and adolescents, and young adults, and people of middle age, of every race and religion, but I know you challenge that as the truth. It’s very important to you that men victimize women, and you want to continue being one of those victims. What a sad and uncomfortable life you must live when every person you see is there only to take advantage of you, and insult you. Too bad you never lived in a small town where people were friendly and enjoyed the company of others.

  8. she who ate yellow crayons replied:

    What if she had A boobs and mentioned that on her website? Would that be any more modest/virtuous?

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I don’t know.

    • hmichaelh replied:

      Nope. She would still be over-focused on her sexuality, and someone who desperately wants to be a victim of what is normal male/female interactions.

      • EDell replied:

        Her posting her stats had nothing to do with the unwanted advances she got from those guys. They didn’t know who she was or that she had a website with her stats posted. And so what if she posted her stats. You post stupid nonsense just like Dan. Which is worse? I’d say the stupid nonsense.

  9. Devin White replied:

    I would definitely like to meet Shoshana Roberts but if I see her in NYC I would not be one of those men that harass girls like that but I will let her approach me when I walk alone and a quiet and a normal person because I have autism and I’m not creepy and it doesn’t mean I’m special at either and I’m high and function.

  10. Kenneth replied:

    She says she walked for 10 hours aroind NYC and there is only 5 minutes of video? That is pretty good considering the crime rste in NYC.
    I don’t buy it. Even at a slow pace, 10 hours of walking would cover more than 20 miles.

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