I just added these 5 new items to my list of Obama’s misdeeds, bringing the total to 826

The complete list can be found at https://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

Here are the new entries:

822) Obama sued Bank of America because it did exactly what he had told it to do. Obama then gave some of the settlement money to left wing groups that he had worked for.

While working as a “community organizer,” Obama filed lawsuits which forced banks to give mortgages to people with bad credit and low incomes. As a result, many of these people ended up defaulting on their mortgages. As their attorney, Obama collected $23,000 in legal fees for himself.

Then in April 2013, during Obama’s second term as President, the Washington Post reported that President Obama was still pressuring banks “to make home loans to people with weaker credit.”

However, in August 2014, it was reported that the Obama administration had sued Bank of America for giving mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them back, and the bank had agreed to pay $16.6 billion in order to avoid further prosecution from the federal government.

In August 2014, it was reported that Obama had given some of the settlement money from Bank of America to left wing organizations including the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. These groups used to be known, collectively, as ACORN. In the past, these organizations had pressured banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them back.

In addition, Obama had worked with ACORN in the past. Obama had represented them in a lawsuit where they tried to get Illinois to adopt a “motor-voter” law. On top of that, Obama had taught leadership training sessions for ACORN. Also, Obama had worked as an organizer for Project Vote, an ACORN offshoot. Furthermore, Obama had been on the board of directors of the Woods Fund when it gave ACORN $75,000 in 2001, and $70,000 in 2002. Finally, during the 2008 primary campaign, Obama’s campaign had given Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN affiliate, more than $800,000 for “get out the vote” efforts.

823) 47 out of 73 Inspectors General wrote a letter to Congress complaining about Obama’s lack of transparency

In August 2014, 47 out of 73 Inspectors General wrote a letter to Congress complaining about Obama’s lack of transparency. The letter can be read here.

824) Illegally treated independently owned McDonald’s franchises as a big corporation

In July 2014, the Obama administration illegally treated independently owned McDonald’s franchises as a big corporation.

825) Broke his promise not to take any vacations during his presidency

In 2008, Obama falsely promised not to take any vacations during his presidency. You can see the video of him saying it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68WS5B19LC4

826) Repealed the 1983 ban on Libyans receiving training as pilots and nuclear scientists in the U.S.

In August 2014, Obama repealed the 1983 ban on Libyans receiving training as pilots and nuclear scientists in the U.S.


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  1. EDell replied:

    Typical desperation on your part. I love it when you claim that Obama said he should never take vacations as president. Well, if you watched your own video link, he also said you should never sleep or have a family life either. Do you understand the real context of anything you bitch about when it comes to Obama? And thanks for not acknowledging that he has taken over 1/3 less time off for vacations to this point of his presidency than Bush did, or something like 3 weeks off per year compared to Bush’s 9.5 weeks off per year. So once again, congratulations, another empty-laden hollow complaint on your part based on nothing more than a black man being in the White House – and we all know that the White House is only for white people because that’s why they call it “white,” right?

    • Chargerlady replied:

      In the article he didn’t say a thing about Race,…..Did he..?? In other words someone Cannot criticize this corrupt FRAUD without someone using the race card,….is that all people has,….the Race issue,……get over it.

      • EDell replied:

        I’d still like to see Dan post 826 complaints about Bush, or that of any other president, just for comparison’s sake. Or is it that all the others just so happened to be white and none of them can ever possibly commit 826 transgressions in the way that the only black president in history can? Mere coincidence … or undisguised racism?

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        EDell, if you want me to post a similar list about Bush, then please post links to sources for the following things:

        1) Please post a link which proves that Bush stole money from retired teachers and police officers. (#18 on Obama list)

        2) Please post a link which proves that Bush ordered a private company to fire 1,000 employees because they were non-union. (#17 on the Obama list)

        3) Please post a link which proves that Bush said that written tests were a form of “racial discrimination.” (#40 on Obama list)

        4) Please post a link which proves that Bush closed the Vietnam Memorial for seven hours on Memorial Day so he could have his picture taken. (#45 on Obama list)

        5) Please post a link which proves that Bush had the government take majority ownership of a major corporation from the private sector. (#46 on Obama list)

        6) Please post a link which proves that Bush paid $7 million per household to connect people to the internet. (#50 on Obama list)

        7) Please post a link which proves that Bush dismissed charges of a crime even though there was video evidence that the crime had been committed. (#59 on Obama list)

        If you do not post such links, then please explain why you want to me make a similar list about Bush when Bush never actually did those things.

  2. Chargerlady replied:

    Not to mention,….Bush had his own SS number he didn’t have a fraudulent birth certificate,…..he didn’t pay 6 million to have his back ground completely hidden,…Bush didn’t have to have double security guards,…and almost double help at the white house because Laura was difficult,…extra limo’s and more expensive…..Bush went mainly to his ranch in Texas,…where O’Failure doesn’t do that,…..O’Failure wrote it up where he could get his daughters and mother in law paid as help since they have been in office…..they have lived more extravagant than the Bush’s did……I never cared for Bush either,….but there is no comparson between the two…. O’Failure got his start by being an Escort and in a bath house,…he got lucky and went to bed with the right guy and the rest is history……No one remembers this fraud in college or school,…. all of his documents are fraudulent…….at least with Bush his documents were not bought……Race has nothing to do with O’Faulure being the Biggest Fraud this country has ever seen……he just keeps getting by with all of his corruption BECAUSE of his race.

    • EDell replied:

      Dan is funny. He can find all the transgressions of a black man easily enough, but he expects others to do the dirty work of finding all the transgressions of a white man because that would just be too difficult and time-consuming for him to do himself. He’s real funny. And Chargerlady is funnier still by mimicking all the right wing talking points verbatim like the good little tin-head marching soldier that she/he(?) is for the loony segment of conservatives. Not an original thought in her/his(?) head expressed.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Actually, my point wasn’t really that I wanted you to find such links. My point was that such links do not exist, because Bush never did those things.

      • Chargerlady replied:

        Is this all that you can come up with,….tin foil heads and mimicking the right wing conservatives,….I use my own opinion and facts and don’t rely on any political side,….the Kool Aide followers use the same thing over and over but it always goes back to race,….Race is not an issue, O’failure is just that, the Biggest Fraud this country has ever experienced,… and what he has done to this country is a disgrace,….and people are wasting their breath trying to get through to people as yourself because,….you are still in the crowds 6 years ago,…and in AWE over this UNQUALIFIED Wannbe and refuse to see whats going on right in front of you which makes you part of the problem also.

  3. zona replied:

    Dan is not funny. He does not react emotionally but with facts. No president has ever been perfect but this one is more imperfect than most. It has nothing to do with race. He claimed to desire a transparent administration. It has been anything but……

  4. zona replied:

    And take a look around you. Not only blacks have experienced racism or slavery. When John Kennedy was elected, the first Catholic president, many people feared he would base his actions on the advice of the Pope. Has there ever been a Jewish president ? People were unwilling to elect a Mormon. ANd yet you feel it is all about the half black president instead of his actions or lack thereof.

  5. EDell replied:

    Kennedy never got any kind of the flack that Obama keeps getting. Guess why? Sure, he was Catholic and a lot of non-Catholics were worried about that, but also because he was white, and that’s why a lot of non-Catholics, especially the white kind, were willing to go easy on him. Let’s understand that the resistance to Obama literally began from his Inauguration Day when key Republicans plotted on how to deal with this new “menace” to America. That’s when they hatched their plan to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. It didn’t matter to them what Obama wanted to do, they would obstruct it. It’s like the old Groucho Marx song goes, “Whatever it is, I’m against it.” Never in American history did a party gang up on a president right from the start the way that Republicans have with Obama – and he hadn’t even done anything yet except win the presidency. Anyway, we all know that the GOP is a racist party because when they only have 1 black member in all of Congress to show for their “diversity,” then you know that blacks don’t fit into their overall game plan, and as you should know – one picture is worth a 1,000 words.

  6. Chargerlady replied:

    O’Failure keeps getting flack because he is WRONG and he is a Fraud and has No Form of Ethics,…..his whole back ground is a Fraud and he is known or is going to be known as the Biggest Hoax and Fraud this country has ever experienced,…. Kennedy didn’t get any flack because he was one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever known,……O’ failure doesn’t get any flack from the republicans ,..or congress, thats what everyone is screaming about that O’Failure does what he wants to do and does not listen to congress, senate or any republicans and does not follow the constitution,…he is out of control . This country has overlooked all of O’Failures failures and the demorats made sure no one criticized him in any form….. he is starting to get criticism lately but he has brought all of that upon himself,….the whole country went out of their way to treat this man like the Great Messiah,….which he did not deserve,……Kennedy didn’t get any flack because he was the most respected man this country has ever had as president,……not the Biggest Hoax this country has ever had…..BIG Difference…….O’Failure even makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

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